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A strong, sustainable and independent national newswire has been widely described as essential democratic infrastructure and is critical for media diversity and competition.
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For the past 85 years AAP has helped chronicle the events that have shaped Australia. Now we need Australians to help us write our next chapter.

AAP is an essential piece of Australia’s democratic infrastructure, supplying independent news to hundreds of outlets. Every day of the year AAP writes more than 220 news stories and captures over 400 images that document areas of high public interest, including federal and state-level politics and policy, court reporting, sport and breaking news from across the country. AAP supplies those stories to more than 400 outlets.

AAP’s content is licensed by hundreds of websites across Australia, including half of the top news sites in the country. It is printed in major newspapers throughout metropolitan and regional areas, and is broadcast by radio networks across the country. AAP has a shared audience in excess of 15 million who consume its news daily in various formats.

In early 2020 News Corp and Nine (AAP’s major shareholders) announced their intention to close AAP, but in June the same year a group of philanthropists stepped in to keep the newswire alive. AAP is now a not-for-profit organisation, with charitable status, dedicated to social and public welfare, advancing education and to promoting mutual respect and tolerance between Australians through the distribution of high-quality, accurate, fact-based news and information.

A sustainable independent national newswire provides significant public good and facilitates media diversity. Supporting the national newswire means supporting the industry as a whole.