POP MART Australia opens first physical store in Melbourne

PRNewswire August 22, 2022

Art toy craze sweeps across Oceania

BEIJING, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On 20 Aug, the art toy brand POP MART officially opened its first Australian physical store at Chadstone ÔÇô The Fashion Capital, the renowned shopping destination in Melbourne.

POP MART Australia store

Also known as designer toys, art toys are figurines with diversified creativity that embody art, design, pop trends, drawing, sculpted reliefs, etc. As the leading art toy brand, POP MART has been discovering and nurturing art toy artists and designers since 2016. With keen insight into art and culture, POP MART has successfully built collaborations with iconic design artists such as Kenny, Pucky, Ayan, and SKULLPANDA, and enjoys enormous popularity among fans around the world.

POP MART Australia store

This first Australian store offers local fans an opportunity to experience the art toy culture. To celebrate the grand opening, Chadstone Store has launched quite a few new collections, including SKULLPANDA The Mare of Animal series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets series, and HACIPUPU The Kindergarten Day series. The exclusive limited-edition products became the highlights on site, including SKULLPANDA Dark Maid Figurine and Baby MOLLY Banana Princess Figurine.

As the first POP MART store in Australia, Chadstone Store boasts exquisite design and display that showcase the characteristics of Melbourne, the capital of art, fashion and culture. Next to the store gate is the statue featuring MOLLY Art Time, which embodies classic art. At the central display table stands the statue featuring the stylish and attractive DIMOO Art Toy Collectors.

POP MART Australia store

There is a special spot for customers to take photos in the store. Its design was inspired by Hosier Lane, the graffiti landmark in Melbourne. The original design and the statue featuring SKULLPANDA Hypepanda ÔÇô Dancer jointly create a strong sense of fashion and pop culture.

POP MART has successfully nurtured famous art toy characters including MOLLY, DIMOO, SKULLPANDA, THE MONSTERS, HIRONO and PUCKY, all loved by global fans. MOLLY is one of the most famous characters at POP MART. Created in 2006, she has lake-blue eyes and pouting lips. In 2016, POP MART launched the first MOLLY series, which soon became a hit. DIMOO is a shy and timid boy with Baby Cloud on this head. LABUBU is a lively and naughty elf with the impressive cute serrated teeth. HIRONO was launched by POP MART in 2021. With distinctive design and exquisite workmanship, it quickly became popular among global fans.

POP MART Australia store

The brand will continue popularising art toys through its worldwide presence. Pop Mart has over 350 stores and more than 1,800 Robo Shops globally. So far, POP MART has opened five Robo Shops, one pop-up store and one official eCommerce channel in Australia. With the opening of Chadstone Store, POP MART will continue to bring more wonderfulness to Australian consumers.


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