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Launching brand new M2E app, earning free tokens and claiming upto 10k free NFT with Garden Universe

PRNewswire September 1, 2022

SINGAPORE, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From now on, users can join with Garden Universe to claim lots of profits including Smart Watch, USDTs, NFTs and tokens.

In the midst of the changing market situation and facing many difficulties, gamefi projects are still struggling to stand up to the extremely high fear indexes of users and investors.

Despite the gloomy market, the game Garden Universe, an NFT game project with a sustainable growth strategy, is still continuing with the mission of bringing games and products to users.

What is the Garden Universe?

The Garden universe is a TRON platform and Lumi ecosystem “Farm to earn”. This game allows players to transform into academics who create and grow flora on a beautiful cloud system.

With the aim of building a world in which players can “play, connect, experience and earn money”, Garden Universe has created a very unique world, a universe in the sky with different characters. Players are drawn in by the graphics, story, and gameplay.

Through the process of playing, players will experience incubating and caring for their seeds from the start of the game on the ground until they are harvested in the beautiful sky garden. With different plant variety choices, as well as different game modes, users will receive corresponding rewards.

What are the special features of the Garden Universe?

In the gamefi market, the number of games created so that players can make money is really not small, but to impress users as well as investors, we could only count it on the fingers of one hand. Always trying to overcome weaknesses and take advantage of strengths to promote, Garden Universe gradually becomes more impressive in the eyes of its users.

  • The difference of Garden Universe from other games on the market is that although the gameplay is simple, it is extremely attractive and suitable for all ages. Usually, other Play to Earn or NFT games will be so simple that they are boring, players just need to perform repetitive operations without having to think. At Garden Universe, players can be creative and think carefully to be able to determine the resources and build their garden in the best way, achieving the most efficiency, assisting the player in feeling at ease and demonstrating that anyone can play.
  • Making money from playing games is also an advantage of this game. Players will have the opportunity to experience a decentralized financial game and earn more for themselves in the process of incubating and cultivating crops.
  • Events are also continuously held in the development stages. Through that, users can increase their income and connect with the community more. The events are not the same. Each event will have completely different functions, ways of playing, as well as rewards, making them not boring for members.
  • Garden Universe also has a clear and specific roadmap. Assist players and investors in following and accompanying Garden Universe. Not only that, the functions and game modes are constantly being updated and improved to be able to provide users with the best experience and not be out of date in this constantly changing market.
  • Furthermore, the team is putting in too much effort to bring the best version of the game. New features are on their way, and the M2E app is one of the game’s highlights, demonstrating that the game is always being developed despite the bleak market.

The Future of the Garden Universe?

With the advantage of the actual value that the project brings and the development potential of the experienced team, Garden Universe was able to overcome difficulties as well as turn risks into opportunities for development. This effort has contributed to building trust and attracting investors and users.

The M2E app is scheduled to be released in September 2022, and it promises to be the most exciting function for users to experience, whereas other NFT games have no development in their game function. The collaboration between M2E and Garden Universe will propel the GameFi industry to new heights and provide a breath of fresh air. Users who join this new app will have the opportunity to earn free tokens from the game while enjoying and experiencing the M2E function. And this will be the great chance for any game lovers to join the game and get the rewards.

Additionally, The Airdrop Tokens Event is going to be run next few days with the reward up to 10k Free NFTs. When user buy 01 box from Garden Univese market,  you can receive a Smart watch to earn more GU tokens.

Garden Universe is also expected by many users to become one of the top games in the future. because of the long-term profits that the project has created for investors, thanks to the unique features that are constantly updated and, at the same time, bring better experiences to players every day.

It is not an easy thing to be able to create prestige and trust for users as well as investors in the current harsh market. The reasonable strategy has also partly proved the value and potential of this project. Even if the market is in its “winter season,” the right approach will be extremely crucial to this project’s and the gamefi market’s significant transformation in the long run.

Learn more about Garden Universe:

Website: https://gardenuniverse.io/

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/GardenUniverseChannel

 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/GardenUniverseGlobal

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GardenUniverseP2E

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GardenUniverse_



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