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Ta Hao Hao’s Daebet├® Tea Aims to Revitalize Tea-drinking Culture in Taiwan

PRNewswire September 15, 2022

TAICHUNG, Taiwan, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Taiwanese tea manufacturer and retailer Ta Hao Hao is delighted to introduce its latest tea product, Daebet├®, sourced from the finest ecological tea farms in central Taiwan. Daebet├® aims to revive the long-lasting and well-revered tea-drinking culture in Taiwan, utilizing the newest technologies and innovative product designs to bring tea closer to the younger generations and tea-lovers around the globe.

Obsession with tea

Taiwan has long been known for its passion and obsession with tea, which is believed to help calm the mind and enlighten the spirit. With Taiwanese people consuming a large volume of tea all day long, tea art and tea ceremony have become part and parcel of Taiwanese traditions, facilitating social interactions and personal enjoyment. However, due to the busy modern lifestyle and distractions of numerous other beverage choices in the market, fewer young people drink tea nowadays.

These concerns about the loss of tea-drinking culture prompted Ta Hao Hao’s founders to find innovative ways to save the culture and promote these exquisite products to both domestic and foreign consumers. Daebet├® was born out of this desire to reawaken the love for tea among younger generations and revitalize its fascinating tea-consuming culture.

Traditional yet also state of the art

Meaning tea leaves in Taiwanese, Daebet├® is produced through the Pin Shiang professional processes using tea leaves nurtured by natural farming methods which involve no chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Consequently, the tea preserves its natural fragrance, flavors, delicacy, and freshness. Besides, the whole production process is completely environmentally friendly and sustainable, respecting the law of nature, protecting the pristine productive land quality, and ensuring product safety.┬á

Furthermore, with Daebet├®, Ta Hao Hao also focuses on state-of-the-art packaging designs that are youthful and creative, cleverly incorporating endangered native animals from several Taiwan regions on the packaging to showcase the beauty of Taiwan. For instance, Lishan Mountain ÔÇô┬á Formosan Black Bear and Ali Mountain — Formosan Gem-Faced Civet, could be spotted on several packaging designs. Thanks to its unique, sophisticated, and elegant packaging, Daebet├® products are perfect gifts and souvenirs for foreigners to get a glimpse into Taiwan’s culture and way of living. Moreover, to appease youngsters’ anxiety over the complex traditional tea-brewing process, the pre-packed tea bags provide a complete step-by-step tea-brewing guide that simplifies the process while preserving the core values and fulfillment of tea culture in Taiwan.

Sustainable and exotic tea products

Additionally, in line with the products’ sustainability principles, daebete tea bags are made from eco-friendly and degradable PLA cornstarch, appealing to young people who care deeply about the environmental footprints of their consumption. The products also incorporate Traceable Agricultural Product (TAP) to give consumers the ability to trace back to the product’s origins and process of production via a quick QR code scan.

Daebet├® includes a wide range of tea products, including green tea, black tea, green oolong, red oolong, dark oolong, honey oolong, flower oolong, and Ecology Black Tea, offering comprehensive tea products that can be enjoyed by everyone. To serve the mission of enhancing tea culture and accessibility, Taiwan Whole Tea Estate (TWTE) website is under development, and it will provide a platform for tea-lovers to learn about tea brand concepts, business opportunities, Fine Tea bidding or auction, and other services. Concurrently, Ta Hao Hao is calling for collaboration from interested partners and businesses in the APAC region to promote the products and their related concepts.

For more information, visit the website , or follow the company on Facebook  to keep up with the latest development.

About Ta Hao Hao

Established in 2010, Ta Hao Hao specializes in cultivating Taiwanese traditional tea culture whilst promoting Taiwan’s new tea-drinking culture oversea. Ta Hao Hao aims to provide high quality products with environmentally friendly manufacturing process and a reasonable price. In addition to the latest brand Daebet├®, Ta Hao Hao currently offers three other tea brands and tea snacks which are Tasteful Tea and Hapidae.┬á┬á

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