Guizhou Satellite TV released a video: Ekaterina Kaligaeva, a straight A student at Tsinghua University and Peking University from Belarus, came to Libo, Guizhou for her graduation trip

PRNewswire December 14, 2022

GUIYANG, China, Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Located in Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Libo lies in the southernmost part of Guizhou Province, China, with good ecology and pleasant climate. Maolan finds itself in the territory of Libo, is a place where native forests are dense, peaks and mountains are overlapping, streams are crisscrossed. The unique karst landscapes integrate mountains, rivers, waterfalls, stones and forests together. The karst forest here is well preserved and is a precious forest resource that is unique along the same latitude in the world.

The short video series “Be My Guest” produced by Guizhou Satellite TV invites foreigners to visit Guizhou in the form of a reality show to record their real life on the spot. In this episode, Ekaterina Kaligaeva from Belarus has graduated from the undergraduate program at Tsinghua University this year and is about to start her graduate program at Peking University. During the summer vacation, she received an invitation from her good friend Chenxi and was invited to Maolan as the first stop on her graduation trip. In Maolan, Guizhou, Ekaterina Kaligaeva and Chenxi followed forestry researcher Ran Jingcheng on foot through the primitive forest and saw the “giant panda”ÔÇö┬áKmeria septentrionalis and many rare plants in the plant kingdom; They also went to the ancient Yaogu village to see how the intricate and exquisite horsetail embroidery was made; Ekaterina Kaligaeva and Chenxi visited the ancient village of the Shui people to learn about their ancient and mysterious script; Finally, they attend a romantic rice field concert.

“Libo is an emerald nature has given us.” Ekaterina Kaligaeva saw various shades of green here, experienced the culture and felt the enthusiasm of the Shui people. Moreover, she hoped to have the opportunity to bring her family here for a vacation.

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