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Embark on Mythical Adventures – Pre-registration for “Ancient World” Begins

PRNewswire March 14, 2024

Significant Increase in GameFi Overall Activity

SEOUL, South Korea, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Thanks to the resurgence of the GameFi market and the popularity brought by new GameFi projects, there has been a significant increase in overall GameFi activity. In 2023, Game Verse, an one-stop GameFi ecosystem, witnessed a growth in wallet users to 200,000 after a brand upgrade, making the community more active.

We can see that Game Verse injecting new vitality into the development of the GameFi track with its unique solutions. As the first GameFi as a Service platform in the early stages of industry development, Game Verse has built a GameFi aggregation platform that integrates wallets, AAA high-quality games, NFT transactions, information, and DAOs. It provides comprehensive support for chain game players and guilds and offers fast blockchain issuance services for traditional IPs and high-quality games. Through the new brand strength, Game Verse aims to continue building an ecosystem beneficial to both players and Web3 games, driving the long-term development of the Web3 gaming area.

“Ancient World” is distributed and published by Longtu Korea, a listed company in South Korea. The team has solid publishing capabilities in the global gaming industry and boasts a large number of globally renowned AAA-level game IPs. For example, Longtu Korea has released iconic games such as “Bless Global” and “Yulgang Global”, which have attracted over 10 million fans worldwide. “Bless Global” is the first chain game in the Game Verse ecosystem to be issued to the market through blockchain. Thanks to its predecessor “Bless”, which had about 20 million cumulative users, 1 million monthly active users, and about 200,000 daily active users, “Bless Global” has also achieved remarkable results. It is reported that before the launch of “Bless Global” in early 2023, the global number of pre-registrations exceeded 2 million, and during the Beta testing period, the retention rate (RR) of participating users reached 94%, with an average online time of about 218 minutes, demonstrating its great appeal to players.

Recently, Game Verse once again launched “Ancient World” through blockchain issuance, as another masterpiece of the ecosystem. It is synchronized with the launch on the App Store and Google Play and pre-registration Ancient World is now open. https://aw.gamesverse.io

Play to Earn with GameFi 3.0’s Economic Model Supporting NFTs and Game Tokens

It is reported that “Ancient World” will issue utility tokens for the game, adopting the “internal circulation consumption model + deflation release model”. With a total supply of 100 million tokens, 75% of the tokens will be produced in the game over 5 years. Additionally, players can earn Taikoo coins in the game and dissolve them to exchange for in-game items. This ensures that Taikoo coins enter the market stably and reasonably, thereby establishing a strong ecological value for the game. By setting tradable NFTs and non-tradable in-game gears in the game, both free and paid users can enjoy the game, and users have the opportunity to obtain scarce tradable NFTs (mainly rare or even limited edition wearable equipment, jewelries, mounts, and other virtual items).

Solid Game Quality is the Key to Success

When choosing a game, many players pay close attention to the complete worldview and game graphics. Games with strong storytelling and gorgeous graphics qualities will become players’ top choices. Wuxia games happen to possess these two elements. Let’s take a look at the game’s distinctive features!

The current Wuxia games have broken free from the niche image that only a few players initially liked and have become one of the popular game types chosen by more players. The upcoming game “Ancient World” is also a highly anticipated fantasy Wuxia game. This trend reflects a major trend in the gaming industry in recent years. With its tightly woven storyline and magnificent battle scenes, “Ancient World” stands out as a game that attracts players.

Indulge In Customized and Beautifully Crafted Visuals!

As mentioned above, the quality of game graphics is a key criterion for many players. We can see that delicate and detailed graphics provide an ultimate visual experience. Based on finely detailed portrayals, “Ancient World” not only offers high freedom but also delivers a beautiful visual experience.

Soar Beyond Mounts Into The Vast Sky Above!

Fly freely with no height limit. In “Ancient World”, players can fly freely in 360 degrees, not only riding mounts but also soaring freely in the sky. They can move on the ground or in the air, reaching desired areas faster and admiring the surrounding scenery.

Conquer Epic Battles and Become a Legend!

The game’s mission system is diverse, offering various content besides NPC missions and battles in the wild. Obtaining higher-level equipment requires to achieve boss battles. Currently announced mission content includes world challenges, dungeon challenges, and personal challenges. In addition to individual boss battles, players can also team up with others to experience the fun of cooperation and competition in multiplayer team challenges!

Enjoy the Colorful Fun Brought by Various Gameplay!

Among many gameplay systems such as Marriage, Class Switches, Partners, Destiny and Shards etc. the most representative one is the character class change system. Based on the experience of other games, the character class change system speeds up the early leveling process, making it less monotonous for players. Moreover, the marriage and companion systems, which help enhance combat power, provide a great experience of living in the world of “Ancient World” with friends!

Pre-Registration Event

The Martial Art “Wuxia” game “Ancient World” with various unique gameplay features has officially launched its pre-registration event. Players can participate in the event on the official website (click the link below to visit our official pre-registration website). Players who complete the pre-registration event using their email address will receive the following in-game items: Supreme Treasure Hunting Order x20, 1,000,000 Gold, Mount Elixir x20, and 2x EXP Potion x1. Don’t hesitate, join now!

Official Website for Pre-Registration: https://aw.gamesverse.io/ 

SOURCE Longtukorea

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