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MDJM Launches Cultural Business to Promote Integration Between Global East and West

PRNewswire April 4, 2024

The project, which officially marks MDJM’s entry into the cultural and economic sphere, aims to promote in-depth cultural exchanges and understanding between Eastern and Western cultures, protect and pass on traditional skills, and create job opportunities that will enhance local economic development.

LETHAM, Scotland, April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MDJM LTD (Nasdaq: MDJH) (the “Company” or “MDJM”), an integrated global culture-driven asset management company, has announced the launch of a new business that aims to promote cultural exchanges between the global East and West. By employing distinctively innovative approaches, the Company is set to free people from the drudgery of their mechanical daily lives, thereby awakening their vitality and sensitivity to global cultures.

It unveils plans to revive medieval aristocratic life aesthetics and restore its recently acquired Fernie Castle property to its previous glory with renovation plans that include a castle extension, interior and ancillary building renovation, including the overall landscaped garden of the manor, the manor entrance gate, and surrounding roads, among others. The large-scale upgrade plan, complete with an oriental-style garden, aims to create a unique art platform that will deepen understanding between Eastern and Western cultures, promote the passing-on of traditional cultural skills, and bring significant social and economic benefits to the local community.

The project has passed preliminary review by Fife Council and is entering the detailed planning stage for approval. They have expressed their pleasure and high expectations for the future of the project, thanks in large part to the creation of numerous jobs that will have a positive effect on the development of the local tourism industry. MDJM’s project focuses on cultural and artistic operations and is positioned as a carrier of unique high-end service facilities that will greatly enhance the cultural appeal of the entire region and high-end service brands. The Company’s main strategic objective is to select buildings with high historical and cultural value around the world, and to blend traditional local and traditional Eastern cultures with high-quality cultural and artistic content as the cornerstone of its operations.

To enhance the project’s cultural and commercial value, MDJM is currently gathering a professional consulting team. This team will include oriental historians, landscape architects, architects, and experts in art and aesthetics from around the world. Their wisdom and insights are poised to transform the oriental garden into a prominent research hub for classical oriental gardens and architecture, leveraging their expertise to shape the project’s future success.

The fusion of an oriental style garden with a centuries-old castle is a unique combination almost unheard of on a global scale and one that will almost certainly attract the attention of people from all walks of life. The platform’s unprecedented integration of Eastern and Western classical arts and culture with its accessibility to people in the United Kingdom, Europe, and even tourists from as far as Asia, will create massive commercial value by sparking the imaginations of people who have never seen or heard of a spectacle similar to this in the traditional cultural tourism space.

Within five years, MDJM aims to increase in-depth cooperation between top influential celebrities from many fields such as literature, music and drama, visual arts, sculpture art, traditional craftsmen, among others from around the world to launch a range of products with unique aesthetic value. Exhibitions, forums, cultural and artistic commodity trading, customized cultural tourism, education and training, and more, will also be launched. The planned oriental garden, with an overall area of approximately 10,000 square meters, will feature objects commonly sought after by the Eastern and Western nobility of the time.

Fernie Castle and its oriental garden will be utilized as an art platform for salon forum exchanges, exhibitions, auctions and other activities while digital exhibitions of artworks, dialogue salons, and other exchanges will be held online simultaneously. The art platform will accelerate exchanges between Eastern and Western artists and introduce the ancient cultural heritage of the East to the United Kingdom and Europe while respecting the protection of local culture.

Siping Xu, CEO of MDJM, commented, “Our innovative business and the renovation plan for Fernie Castle not only marks a significant cross-cultural event, but also heralds a new peak in cultural exchanges and the passing-on of traditional arts between East and West. It will strongly promote global cultural diversity and inclusiveness and create new paths for the protection and dissemination of world cultural heritage while creating job opportunities and enhancing local economic development.”

This project is poised to emerge as a singular landmark in cultural exchange, embodying an unprecedented approach in the UK and across Europe. It aims to recapture the refined elegance of a vanished Oriental era through an innovative concept in garden creation. This visionary effort fills a void in Western perspectives on oriental garden design, moving beyond mere replication to evoke the essence of historical authenticity and sophistication.


Founded in 2002, MDJM is an integrated global culture-driven asset management company that, through its subsidiaries, is undergoing business transformation and globalization transitioning, especially in the development of real estate-related hospitality, butler services and more. For more information, please visit http://ir.mdjmjh.com/.

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