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World Environment Month 2024: Building a Better, Greener Future with Technology

PRNewswire June 17, 2024

SANY Group is empowering environmental protection with technological innovation, delivering on sustainable development commitments.

SHANGHAI, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — With a series of internationally-recognized environmental days throughout June, including the World Environment Day on June 5th, World Ocean Day on June 8th, and the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on June 17th, environmental awareness is a major topic of conversation. As part of this, the close relationship between environmental protection and renewable energy is also being discussed as the world joins efforts to combat climate change.

Building a Better, Greener Future with Technology (PRNewsfoto/SANY Group)

Leading Chinese heavy equipment manufacturer SANY Group (“SANY”) remains committed to promoting environmental protection. The group is deploying wind energy projects on a large scale, making significant progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting the transformation of energy structure, and fostering sustainable economic development.

SANY Renewable Energy, as a leading wind power equipment manufacturer, has become the backbone of the global green energy revolution through continuous technological innovation achievements and investment in R&D.

Technological breakthrough: dual-axis excitation system

Independently designed and developed by SANY Renewable Energy, China’s first ground-fixed, two-exciter vibration system has been officially put into operation, passing the fatigue test of 112-meter wind turbine blades, and marking a milestone breakthrough in China’s blade equipment development.

The system consists of two modular excitation units that replace the traditional mass pendulum through coordinated control of the crank arm rocker. The controlled coupling loading of multi-directional loads on the blades can restore complex blade loads under real working conditions, fully validating blades of all sizes and angles.

Compared to traditional uniaxial testing, the biaxial fatigue test combines the pendulum vibration and waving load to shorten the verification cycle by three to four months. Importantly, the excitation force of up to 140kN is several times higher than current equipment capabilities, fulfilling design verification requirements for wind turbines up to 30MW. Next, the equipment set will be used to test and verify the 131-meter blade recently launched by SANY Renewable Energy.

In recent years, SANY has been consistently achieving breakthroughs in wind power technology, with the SI-230100 wind turbine being recognized by Windpower Monthly as one of the world’s top 10 onshore wind turbines, winning the Gold Award in the category for onshore wind turbines over 5.6MW.

Safeguarding sustainable development of the wind energy industry

Technological innovation is fueling the rapid development of wind energy, and an ever-improving verification system guarantees its sustainability. In 2024, SANY Renewable Energy successfully launched the world’s longest 131-meter onshore blade, presenting new challenges for verification reliability. The two-exciter vibration system provides strong support for the efficient, precise, and comprehensive testing and verification of blades over 100 meters in length, contributing to the development of large megawatt units.

“Green and sustainable development is the key focus of modern social and economic development, and globally we’re undergoing a green industrial revolution to achieve carbon neutrality. SANY as an industry leader will continue to promote green industrial development driven by technological innovation and expand the applications and scale of clean and renewable energy globally to build a better future for everyone,” said Zhou Fugui, Chairman of SANY Renewable Energy.


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