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Accelerating Globalization, Bossjob’s AI-Powered Recruitment Platform Transforms Talent Acquisition

PRNewswire June 21, 2024

SINGAPORE, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In the ever-evolving landscape of the workforce market, Bossjob emerges as a beacon for global job seekers and employers, offering an AI-powered recruitment platform that transcends traditional matching models. With the groundbreaking approach of real-time communication, Bossjob empowers job seekers to “Find Job, Talk to Boss” directly, streamlining the path to their next opportunity.

Bossjob: AI-powered and Chat-oriented Recruitment Platform

Labour Shortages Amidst Unmet Demand for Decent Work

International Labour Organization reported that growing imbalances between the demand for and supply of labour have been a puzzle for economic observers and policymakers in recent years. Despite large job market disruptions from the pandemic, labour demand outstripped available supply early in the recovery in advanced economies and key sectors. The imbalances between labour-rich countries and those with shrinking labour forces have led employers to pay more emphasis on the effectiveness of recruitment platforms, especially the cross-border talent resources and talent-matching capabilities. This provides an opportunity for Bossjob’s globalization strategy to be implemented and promoted.

Breaking Threshold, Chat-Oriented Bossjob Empowers Instant Gratification

Labour markets know no boundaries and neither does Bossjob. The globalization strategy connects talents and employers across nations. Whether you’re in cosmopolitan California, bustling Singapore or vibrant Manila, Bossjob ensures that opportunities are accessible. The chat-oriented platform transcends geographical limitations and revolutionizes communication between job seekers and employers, making job-seeking seamless and efficient. Differentiated from traditional job applications, candidates can chat directly with hiring managers instantly without waiting for feedback email or call after a lengthy resume screening. Bossjob encourages direct dialogue and immediate action, whether discussing job requirements, location type, or interview logistics, every interaction counts. This real-time conversation empowers instant gratification and accelerates the job-matching processes.

Accelerating Globalization, AI-Powered Bossjob Transforms Talent Acquisition

Bossjob is a movement towards a more connected and efficient job market. By harnessing the power of AI, Bossjob matches talents with employers in a dynamic environment precisely. Bossjob’s proprietary and cutting-edge AI recommendation model, powered by a machine learning framework TensorFlow, is the secret sauce. It sifts through profiles, identifying the perfect match for each job opening. Employers receive curated candidate suggestions, while job seekers find roles that align with their skills and aspirations. Worthnoting that AI-powered Bossjob has been selected for Nvidia Inception Program. It is a milestone for Bossjob to offer top-tier AI-driven job-matching services and a superior user experience.

About Bossjob

With over 3 million registered talents, Bossjob is a chat-oriented and AI-powered recruitment platform that introduces an online effective hire model and precise talent matching globally. Bossjob encourages direct communication between job seekers and employers. Join the conversation today and discover what awaits you on Bossjob. It is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

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