Robex: Kiniero Gold District Mansounia Central Exploration Results Including 32m@1.32 g/t from Surface & 51m@2.64 g/t from 3m

GlobeNewswire November 29, 2022

QUEBEC CITY, Nov. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Robex Resources Inc. (“Robex“, “the Group” or “the Company“) (TSXV: RBX) is pleased to announce exploration results on its property in Guinea.

Robex are excited to announce significant near surface gold intersects at the Mansounia Central Deposit, 3km south of the new Kiniero plant location at the Kiniero Gold Project in Guinea. The Robex geochemical gold-in-soil results have confirmed that the recently discovered Sabali South deposit (announced 24 May 2022) forms an integral part of the Kiniero Gold Mine restart. This now represents a part of a much larger shear mineralised corridor, termed the ÔÇ£Sabali-MansouniaÔÇØ Corridor.

Key intercepts include:

  • MRC22-007:┬á40m @ 1.00g/t from 6m including 7m @ 2.07g/t from 34m
  • MRC22-014:┬á32m @ 1.32g/t from 0m including 4m @ 2.29g/t from 28m2m @ 1.36g/t from 49m
  • MRC22-042: 51m @ 2.64g/t from 3m including 21m @ 4.81g/t from 10m including 6m @ 3.17g/t from 42m.

Andrew de Klerk, Exploration Manager for Robex said: ÔÇ£These world class shallow intersects demonstrate the significant upside resource potential within close proximity of the new Kiniero process plant. A cumulative ~8km strike length of the ÔÇ£Sabali-MansouniaÔÇØ Corridor represents one of the largest contiguous zones of gold mineralisation within the southern Siguiri Basin. We will further delineate this exciting deposit in early 2023.ÔÇØ

Robex conducted an extensive bulk leach extractable gold (BLEG) in soil geochemistry campaign, initially across the Kiniero license area, and then subsequently across the Mansounia license area. This reconnaissance targeting exploration campaign has remained ongoing since this date, running concurrently with the various technical mining, and drilling related studies that are actively underway to restart the Kiniero Gold Mine. The BLEG analytical technique has proven to be a very effective technique for accurately measuring fine grained gold content in the soils of this portion of the southern Siguiri Basin and has helped delineate drilling targets.

BLEG results to date have delivered some highly encouraging anomalies that define the Sabali-Mansounia Corridor. Drilling results from Sabali South have demonstrated a clear relationship between the BLEG gold-in-soil and the airborne magnetics, intrusives, the inferred alteration footprint, and the underlying confirmed structures. Structural interpretation of these combined datasets has yielded encouraging results providing additional structural understanding to the broader mineralised Sabali-Mansounia Corridor.

Based on this proven inter-relationship between the BLEG results and the drilling results, Robex decided to execute an RC reconnaissance and verification exploration drilling campaign targeting the Mansounia Central deposit that had been historically drilled by Gold Fields Limited (RAB scout drilling, 2003 to 2005) and Burey Gold Limited (RC and DD drilling, 2005 to 2012). In addition, the Mansounia Central deposit hosts the active Wadal Minji artisanal gold mine at which Robex has completed preliminary mapping and collected several mine grab samples, all exceeding 10g/t. The BLEG results, when interpreted against the historical drilling results, helped guide the targeting process of the Robex exploration drilling campaign to confirm the presence of mineralisation within the Sabali-Mansounia Corridor.

Soil Anomalies at the Kiniero Gold District

Figure 1: Soil Anomalies at the Kiniero Gold District
Note: Rectangular outline indicates the area of Figure 2: Satellite Imagery and Drillhole Locations

This Mansounia Central reconnaissance and verification exploration drilling campaign was completed in Q2 and Q3 of 2022. A total of 16 RC drillholes was completed for 1,716m with an average drillhole depth of 107m (deepest 150m). Drilling included the twinning of two historical Burey Gold RC drillholes. The following highlighted results represents a summary from this drilling campaign (only intercepts of ~1g/t over 2m reported):

┬á ÔÇó MRC22-002:┬á ┬á 7m @ 1.79g/t from 15m including 5m @ 2.16g/t from 16m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-003:┬á ┬á 20m @ 1.16g/t from 22m including 4m @ 2.37g/t from 24m including 3m @ 2.54g/t from 33m┬á
      2m @ 1.12g/t from 54m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-005: ┬á 2m @ 1.02g/t from 20m
      9m @ 1.05g/t from 34m
      2m @ 1.01g/t from 60m
      2m @ 1.02g/t from 67m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-006:┬á ┬á 49m @ 2.08g/t from 8m including 13m @ 5.02g/t from 13m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-007:┬á ┬á 40m @ 1.00g/t from 6m including 7m @ 2.07g/t from 34m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-008: ┬á 11m @ 1.36g/t from 12m
      4m @ 1.91g/t from 35m
      5m @ 1.07g/t from 56m
      6m @ 1.07g/t from 84m
      11m @ 1.05g/t from 119m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-009:┬á ┬á 30m @ 1.02g/t from 13m including 6m @ 2.68g/t from 23m
      2m @ 1.49g/t from 62m
      10m @ 1.82g/t from 80m including 2m @ 5.37g/t from 80m
      7m @ 1.10g/t from 100m
      2m @ 1.13g/t from 115m
      7m @ 1.02g/t from 124m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-010: ┬á 18m @ 1.01g/t from 12m including 2m @ 3.12g/t from 23m
      6m @ 1.19g/t from 34m
      2m @ 1.59g/t from 59m
      2m @ 1.28g/t from 67m
      6m @ 1.21g/t from 95m
      8m @ 1.59g/t from 106m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-011:┬á ┬á 60m @ 0.83g/t from 0m including 24m @ 1.01g/t from 36m
      12m @ 1.32g/t from 68m including 3m @ 3.03g/t from 73m
      14m @ 1.05g/t from 90m
      2m @ 1.93g/t from 123m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-012: ┬á 4m @ 0.98g/t from 37m
      21m @ 1.87g/t from 50m including 6m @ 4.64g/t from 54m
      2m @ 1.37g/t from 79m
      2m @ 1.39g/t from 86m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-013:┬á┬á ┬á 14m @ 1.58g/t from 3m including 7m @ 2.01g/t from 7m┬á
      10m @ 1.36g/t from 64m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-014:┬á ┬á 32m @ 1.32g/t from 0m including 4m @ 2.29g/t from 28m
      2m @ 1.36g/t from 49m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-015: ┬á 21m @ 0.70g/t from 0m
      3m @ 1.10g/t from 43m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-016:┬á┬á ┬á 15m @ 1.07g/t from 0m┬á
      16m @ 1.25g/t from 84m including 4m @ 2.99g/t from 84m
┬á ÔÇó MRC22-017: ┬á 38m @ 1.00g/t from 4m
      2m @ 1.26g/t from 90m
      51m @ 2.64g/t from 3m including 21m @ 4.81g/t from 10m including 6m @ 3.17g/t from 42m.

Satellite Imagery and Drillhole Locations

 Figure 2: Satellite Imagery and Drillhole Locations

Twinning results of the Burey Gold Limited historical drillholes returned comparable mineralised horizons, both in terms of tenure of grade and intercepts, with local grade variances observed. The cumulative metal content was comparable, with high grade intercepts yielded in each of the twinned holes where expected:

  • MRC22-002 (20.89g of cumulative Au to a depth of 90m) twinned MRC227 (19.30g of cumulate Au to a depth of 90m)
  • MRC22-003 (37.96g of cumulative Au to a depth of 95m) twinned MRC156 (39.25g of cumulative Au to a depth of 99m)

Drilling results confirm the extensive presence of a well-developed upper supergene low-grade gold deposit, typically within the upper 30m, similarly as observed at Sabali South. Deeper mineralised horizons, from those holes drilled into fresh rock domains, exhibit classic stockwork mineralisation with brittle fractured, pervasively silicified metasediments and orogenic quartz-sulphide veining.

BLEG results has confirmed that the Mansounia Central deposit, within the Sabali-Mansounia Corridor drill target, represents a target area that is >1.5km in strike length and between 500m to 750m in width. The drilling completed to date, both historically and recently, has not yet constrained the full geographic extent of the mineralised corridor, suggesting a significantly larger footprint, which remains undrilled. Results returned from this RC reconnaissance and verification exploration drilling campaign at the Mansounia Central deposit confirms:

  • The accuracy and reliability of the historical data from the two twinned historical drillholes;
  • The proven relationship between the BLEG gold-in-soil and the airborne magnetics, intrusives, the inferred alteration footprint and the underlying confirmed structures;
  • A wide and continuous low-grade supergene gold mineralisation deposit across the the Sabali-Mansounia Corridor; and
  • That the Mansounia Central deposits represents a strategic near-plant (~3.5km), near surface oxide and fresh rock target for drilling to prove up additional Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves for future mining at the Kiniero Gold Mine.

Interpreted Geology and Cross Sections at Mansounia

             Figure 3: Interpreted Geology and Cross Sections at Mansounia

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