LeddarTech Announces the Release of LeddarVision Front-View Fusion and Perception Software Products Designed for Automotive Level 2/2+ ADAS Applications

GlobeNewswire December 7, 2022

QUEBEC CITY, Dec. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LeddarTech┬«, a global leader in providing the most flexible, robust and accurate ADAS and AD software technology, is pleased to announce the launch of the LeddarVisionÔäó Front-View-E (LVF-E) and LeddarVisionÔäó Front-View-H (LVF-H), two distinct comprehensive low-level fusion and perception software stacks that optimally combine sensor modalities for Level 2/2+ ADAS applications achieving a 5* NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 rating.

LeddarTech addresses the challenges Tier 1-2 suppliers and OEMs struggle with when developing Level 2/2+ ADAS applications, such as solving safety issues and finding scalable fusion and perception software that offers high performance at a low cost. The LeddarVision Front-View (LVF) family of automotive software products, developed by LeddarTech, addresses these challenges.

LVF-E (LeddarVision Front-Entry): Created for customers seeking to develop entry-level ADAS safety and highway assistance L2/L2+ applications, LVF-E is a comprehensive front-view fusion and perception stack for entry-level ADAS L2/L2+ highway assist and 5-star NCAP 2025/GSR 2022. LeddarTech’s low-level fusion (LLF) technology pushes the performance envelope, doubling the effective range of the sensors and enabling for the first time a solution with only a single 1.2-megapixel 120-degree front camera and two short-range front corner radars in a 1V2R configuration. Low-cost sensing, together with efficient implementation on the TDA4L platform, achieves the lowest system cost for L2/L2+ entry-level ADAS. B-sample is planned for Q2 2023, targeting vehicle SOP in 2025/6.

LVF-H (LeddarVision Front-High): The premium companion fusion and perception stack in the front-view product family. With sensor configuration extended to 1V5R based on a single 3-megapixel 120-degree camera, single front medium-range radar and four short-range corner radars, the stack extends the perception support to highway assist applications, including 160 km/h adaptive cruise control, 200-meter range and semi-automated lane change. It also enhances the NCAP 2025 support for overtaking/ reverse/dooring scenarios. Furthermore, with efficient implementation on the TDA4L platform and a single Hailo-8 deep-learning accelerator, low-cost sensing achieves economic front-view L2/L2+ premium ADAS. B-sample is planned for Q3 2023, targeting vehicle SOP in 2026.

The LeddarVision Front-View (LVF) family of products is designed to meet the needs of their customers:

High-Performance and Cost-Effective

  • LeddarVision’s low-level fusion (LLF) technology pushes the performance envelope, doubling the effective range of the sensors.
  • The products’ lowest-cost sensing feature and efficient implementation on the TDA4L platform achieve the lowest system costs.
  • Superior accuracy in object separation and longitudinal position measurement on highways enable higher-performing adaptive cruise control implementation.


  • LVF products address 5* NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 safety applications.
  • Include a built-in redundancy feature to accommodate sensor failures, degradations and conflicts.
  • Provide an increased safety feature due to superior accuracy in object separation and longitudinal position measurement.

Flexible and Scalable

  • A comprehensive front-view fusion and perception stack that supports entry-level to premium ADAS highway assist Level 2/2+ applications.

Interested customers can contact LeddarTech for ÔÇ£AÔÇØ samples of the LVF-E and LVF-H products.

ÔÇ£I am excited to announce our newest sensor fusion and perception products to support entry-level to premium ADAS highway assist Level 2/2+ applications,ÔÇØ stated Mr. Charles Boulanger, CEO of LeddarTech. ÔÇ£The market’s need for a high-performance sensor fusion and perception product while also being cost-effective, flexible and scalable and has never been greater, and our LVF family of products addresses that need,ÔÇØ Mr. Boulanger continued. ÔÇ£Our mission at LeddarTech is to improve safety and the quality of life by enabling ADAS and AD applications, and this is accomplished with the release of these two products that achieve 5* NCAP 2025/GSR 2022 ratings.ÔÇØ Mr. Boulanger concluded: ÔÇ£I look forward to announcing additional products in 2023 that will continue to meet the needs of the industry and improve the quality of people’s lives.ÔÇØ

LeddarTech’s LeddarVision LVF-E and LVF-H software products will be highlighted at CES 2023, January 5-8 in Las Vegas, within LeddarTech’s booth # 5475, LVCC West Hall.

About LeddarTech

LeddarTech, a global software company founded in 2007, develops and provides comprehensive perception solutions that enable the deployment of ADAS and autonomous driving applications. LeddarTech’s automotive-grade software applies AI and computer vision algorithms to generate highly accurate 3D models of the environment, allowing for better decision making and safer navigation. This high-performance, scalable, cost-effective technology is leveraged by OEMs and Tier 1-2 suppliers for the efficient implementation of automotive and off-road vehicle solutions.

LeddarTech is responsible for several remote-sensing innovations, with over 140 patents granted or applied for that enhance ADAS and AD capabilities. Reliable perception is critical in making global mobility safer, more efficient, sustainable and affordable: this is what drives LeddarTech to become the most widely adopted sensor fusion and perception software solution.

Additional information about LeddarTech is accessible at www.leddartech.com and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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