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Former MP misleads with births figure claim

Ben James November 22, 2022

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A former MP has claimed the number of births in Australia plummeted by 70 per cent ÔÇô nine months after the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

The claim is misleading. The figures used for the claim are provisional and don’t account for delays in birth registrations.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said provisional figures from previous years had been at a similar level before they moved to within just a couple of per cent of each other after being updated and finalised.

Finalised figures from individual states and territories for December 2021 show no significant fall.

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 Liam Dawson of England fields 

The claim was posted by former Liberal National MP George Christensen on November 6.

He also made the same claim in an appearance on The Alex Jones Show on Infowars.

Jones was recently ordered to pay $2.18 billion after falsely claiming the Sandy Hook shootings were staged by crisis actors as part of a government plot to seize Americans’ guns.

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Mr Christensen’s Facebook post reads: “What the hell is going on to produce a 70% decline in births in a single month. Coincidentally, the rollout of certain medicines ÔÇô brought to market without long-term safety data behind them ÔÇô began in late February with parts of the general population receiving their first does (sic) in March, nine months before this staggering reduction in the birth rate.”

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The post is accompanied by an image of a table taken from the ABS. It shows 6,659 births in December 2021 compared to 22,695 from the previous December, 23,231 in December 2019 and 23,780 in 2018.