Anzac biscuits are seen on a kitchen table (file image)
Woolworths still sells Anzac biscuits and supports RSL Australia's charity work. Image by Stephanie Flack/AAP PHOTOS

No, Woolworths has not ditched Anzac Day, RSL

Bray Boland April 9, 2024

Woolworths will no longer sell the charity fundraising Anzac biscuits.


False. While the supermarket is not stocking the commemorative Anzac Day tins, it continues to sell the biscuits all year round.

There are various claims supermarket giant Woolworths has pulled its support for veterans’ charities and is refusing to sell Anzac biscuits in its stores.

The claims are false. Woolworths is not stocking RSL Australia’s commemorative Anzac biscuit tins, but continues to sell charity fundraising Anzac biscuits all year round.

It is also selling badges for the RSL’s Anzac Appeal ahead of Anzac Day on April 25, in remembrance of all Australians and New Zealanders killed in military operations.

 Members of the Royal Australian Air Force marching on ANZAC Day 2023 in Brisbane 

However, some social media users claim the supermarket has ditched Anzac Day and its support for the RSL altogether.

Various false claims have been shared on social media about the supermarket, examples here, here, here and here.

This post claims the supermarket issued a statement explaining that the biscuits will not be sold as they upset “the minority group” that Australian soldiers fought against.

“Woolworths ditch ANZAC day and RSL support,” another Facebook user posted.

The false claims follow a backlash earlier this year, when Woolworths decided not to stock Australia Day-themed items. The supermarket said this was a commercial decision based on declining sales.

The collectable Anzac biscuit tins are designed by the RSL each year and are generally sold in supermarkets and smaller food stores, with a percentage of profits going back to the RSL to help fund its charity work.

Woolworths sold the tins in 2023, but the RSL announced in March the supermarket would not be stocking this year’s designs.

The supermarket did not provide an answer to AAP FactCheck when asked why it was not stocking the tins this year.

However, it is incorrect to say the supermarket has pulled its support for the RSL or that it refuses to stock the charity fundraising Anzac biscuits.

Woolworths signage outside a store in Sydney (file image)
 Woolworths says it is the only supermarket selling Anzac Appeal badges. 

An RSL press release stated Woolworths would instead be selling Anzac Appeal badges “and supporting veterans and the RSL in this way”.

Woolworths told AAP FactCheck it was again “proudly supporting” the Anzac Appeal and was the only supermarket to stock the appeal’s badges.

A spokesman also pointed out the supermarket continues to sell the fundraising Bakers Finest Anzac Biscuits all year round.

“This product is endorsed by the RSL and generates revenue for the RSL to support veterans and their families,” he said.

The Verdict

The claim Woolworths will no longer sell the charity fundraising Anzac biscuits is false.

Woolworths has stopped stocking commemorative Anzac biscuit tins. However, the supermarket continues to sell charity fundraising Anzac biscuits year-round and is selling Anzac Appeal badges in its stores.

False – The claim is inaccurate.

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