The video calling for the Army to assist was an attempt at satire
The TikTok video calling for the army to assist was an attempt at satire Image by Brendan Esposito/AAP PHOTOS

Satirical TikTok video lost on freedom group

Zathia Bazeer November 28, 2022

A social media personality is calling on the army and police to help forcibly vaccinate the unvaccinated.


False. The viral video was a comedy skit

A Facebook group which promises to “deliver the truth to the masses” has been fooled once again by a satirical video.

Stop the Rot Sack the Lot posted a TikTok video (archived here) created by comedian Damien Soylash.

The video in question is titled, “It’s time to deal with unvaxxed people,” and features the caption “the time has come to use force”.

In the video, he says: “We are going to have to use force to vaccinate those who would otherwise delay and make impossible the herd immunity that we so desperately need. Now how do we go about forcing these people to become vaccinated or to volunteer or to be physically held down and vaccinated? 

No, the Army is not being called on to forcibly vaccinate people
 No, the army is not being called on to forcibly vaccinate people. 

“I don’t know. But what I do know is we will probably need the police and the army and the community to come together and to knock on some doors and say look guys ‘times up and it’s time to have your jab’. It’s not going to be pretty but I do think it’s the moral thing to do ÔǪ”

Soylash, who has almost a million likes and more than 50,000 followers on TikTok, describes himself as a “comedian and voice over artist”. His TikTok bio reads “parody peopleÔǪsoy satire.”

He plays a variety of characters in his videos to make light of topical issues.

In one video from earlier this year he put on an American accent to declare “being poor is not an excuse” when urging people to drive electric vehicles.

Last month he climbed a tree and pretended to be a Just Stop Oil protester. 

But the nature of the post was lost on Stop the Rot Sack the Lot. The group posted the forced vaccination video to its page with the caption “WTF”.

In turn the joke was lost on the page’s followers. One commented: “As far as im concerned i have a godgiven right to defend myself and my family by any means i deem necessary (sic).”

Another posted: “This is one sick individual. Omg.”

It is not the first time Stop the Rot Sack the Lot has been fooled by a joke video (see here). The group was also fact-checked in November.

The group posts regular alternative news updates covering topics such as vaccine misinformation, the deep state and other general conspiracy theories.

The Verdict

A claim that a social media personality called for the police and army to help forcibly vaccinate the unvaccinated is false. 

The video was courtesy of a British comedian who clearly labels his content as satire and parody.

False ÔÇô The claim is inaccurate.

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