Prime Minister Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese says he has heard Israel's call, adding Australia has already taken strong action. Image by Lukas Coch/AAP PHOTOS
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Israel calls on Australia to impose ‘extreme measures’

Tess Ikonomou April 15, 2024

Australia and the broader international community has been urged to take “extreme measures” against Iran over its attack on Israel.

Chris Cantor, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Australia, said the federal government should designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a state sponsor of terrorism. 

Sanctions as part of “extreme measures” should also be placed on the regime, he added.

Iran launched a barrage of missiles and drones at Israel on Saturday, in what the Israeli diplomat described as an “unprecedented event”.

Some of the 300-plus Iran weapons were fired from Syria, and Lebanon, and almost all of them were shot down.

Iran said the attack was in response to Israel’s strike on its consulate in Syria.

In coming days, it’s expected Israeli diplomats and officials will discuss the attack with Australian counterparts.

G7 leaders condemned Iran’s attack against Israel and reaffirmed their commitment to Israel’s security during a meeting on Sunday.

US President Joe Biden has told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “think very carefully and strategically” about his government’s response.

The US has also told Israel it will not participate in any retaliatory strikes against Iran and world leaders are calling for restraint, fearing further escalation.

One of the armed drones.
 Iran launched a barrage of armed drones at Israel on Saturday – almost all were shot down. Image by EPA PHOTO 

Mr Cantor said Israel reserved the right to defend itself.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese condemned the attack.

“This escalation is a grave threat to the security not just of Israel, but of the entire region.

“It risks greater instability and devastation across the Middle East.”

Asked if Australia would impose further sanctions on Iranian officials, Mr Albanese said his government had already used Magnitsky-style sanctions on 85 individuals and almost 100 Iranian entities.

“We have taken strong action,” he said, adding he would not announce further measures during media interviews.

Australians in the region, particularly those in Tel Aviv, Oman or Baghdad should follow the advice of local authorities and monitor local media for public safety updates.