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Immerse in the miraculous world of PITERAÔäó in a first-of-its-kind global-scale experience dedicated to the exclusive and iconic ingredient at the heart of SK-II

SINGAPORE, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A day of firsts. A day of discovery. A day of miracles. Global prestige skincare brand SK-II celebrates its iconic and exclusive skincare ingredientÔÇöPITERAÔäó with the first-ever SK-II World PITERAÔäó Day.


PITERAÔäó is at the heart of SK-II, a precious gift from nature and beyond. For over 40 years, every single SK-II product is formulated with PITERAÔäó and is the key to millions of skin transformations[1]┬áaround the world.

Held in Tokyo, Japan, and virtually broadcast to the world, World PITERAÔäó Day is SK-II’s very first global large-scale event dedicated to the iconic PITERAÔäó. Exclusively attended by SK-II celebrity ambassadors ÔÇô including Japanese actress Haruka Ayase, MINA of global girl group TWICE, Japanese actress and model Ayaka Miyoshi, and Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe ÔÇô and some of the biggest names in beauty across the world, World PITERAÔäó Day features an immersive journey that unfolds the miracles of PITERAÔäó[2]┬áfrom its origins to its latest scientific discoveries and innovations like never before.

Haruka Ayase discovers SK-II's latest breakthrough PITERAÔäó 24/7 Skin Fluctuation Study (PRNewsfoto/SK-II)

Begin your journey by entering the world of PITERAÔäó with an immersive retelling of PITERAÔäó’s fascinating origin story and view the first ever bottle of PITERAÔäó Essence made. Take a virtual trip to visit the one place in the world where PITERAÔäó is crafted, the Shiga Plant in Japan. Marvel at the miracles of┬áPITERAÔäó[3]┬ápioneering skin health and beauty as well as skin science discoveries and milestones, including an exclusive first-in-the-world showcase of SK-II’s latest breakthrough PITERAÔäó 24/7 Skin Fluctuation Study based on the skin of young women today.

Haruka Ayase unlocks her skin age with SK-II's contactless skin analysis tool, the Mini Magic Scan (PRNewsfoto/SK-II)

Get up close and personal with SK-II’s groundbreaking PITERAÔäó innovations in Brightening and Early Anti-Aging with the award-winning GenOptics UltraAura Essence and Skinpower. Step into the future of skincare with SK-II’s latest, most advanced contactless skin analysis tool, the Mini Magic Scan, to unlock your skin age, health and beauty and receive your very own personalized PITERAÔäó regimen.

SK-II's beloved brand ambassadors in SK-II's boldest PITERAÔäó stress test yet, 
the ÔÇ£Late Night PortraitsÔÇØ (PRNewsfoto/SK-II)

The day of firsts for PITERAÔäó culminates with an unveiling of SK-II’s boldest PITERAÔäó stress-test yet. SK-II’s “Late Night Portraits” campaign features a series of stunning bare-skinned photographs starring SK-II’s beloved brand ambassadors courageously captured at their worst moments. Inspired by SK-II’s first in the world PITERAÔäó 24/7 Skin Fluctuation Study that uncovers how women’s skin condition fluctuates greatly within a day, even looking almost 10 years older, due to multiple daily stressors, “Late Night Portraits” is testament to the power of SK-II’s PITERAÔäó and PITERAÔäó Essence stabilizing her skin’s daily fluctuations. Powered by PITERAÔäó and PITERAÔäó Essence as her skincare essential, her skin is transformed to Crystal Clear Skin3, even when it’s meant to be her worst moment.

“PITERAÔäó is a precious gift from nature and beyond. For over 40 years, it has changed the destiny of millions of women, and we are delighted to open our doors to its full story for the first time with World PITERAÔäó Day,” shared Sue Kyung Lee, CEO, Global SK-II. “PITERAÔäó has remained unchanged but the miracles of its scientific discoveries and innovations continue to unfold. Through SK-II’s partnerships with the world’s top scientists and dermatologists on extensive research studies, we have never stopped uncovering new PITERAÔäó secrets and its ability to transform skin to Crystal Clear Skin. World PITERAÔäó Day is a recognition and celebration of the miracles that PITERAÔäó has brought and will continue bringing to the world.”

About SK-II 

For more than 40 years, SK-II has touched the lives of millions of women around the world through skin and life transformation. The fascinating story behind SK-II began with a quest to understand why elderly sake brewers had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands. These hands were in constant contact with the sake fermentation process. It took years of research for scientists to isolate SK-II’s iconic ingredient┬áPITERAÔäó, a naturally-derived skincare ingredient crafted from a proprietary yeast fermentation process exclusive to SK-II. Since then, SK-II with┬áPITERAÔäó has become a special secret shared by celebrities all over the world such as Chloe Grace Moretz, Simone Biles, Tangwei, Chun Xia,┬áHaruka┬áAyase and Kasumi┬áArimura┬áand Naomi Watanabe. For the latest news and in-depth information, please visit┬á


Iconic and exclusive to SK-II, PITERAÔäó is a naturally derived skincare ingredient crafted from a proprietary yeast fermentation process that is exclusive to SK-II. Packed with over 50 micro-nutrients ÔÇô vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids ÔÇô the unique composition of PITERAÔäó harnesses the vital force of nature and is one that can’t be achieved artificially or synthetically. PITERAÔäó by SK-II is welcomed in by skin like its own because PITERAÔäó has a unique composition that resembles skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors. This allows PITERAÔäó to be absorbed quickly and deeply* into skin delivering all its goodness.

[1] Within stratum corneum
[2]┬áJapan, Indonesia & Thailand to find alternative articulation for “miracle” i.e. wonders of PITERAÔäó
[3]┬áJapan, Indonesia & Thailand to find alternative articulation for “miracle” i.e. wonders of PITERAÔäó




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