AAP Charter of Editorial Independence

September 1, 2020

AAP Charter of Editorial Independence


AAP is an independent agency producing a timely not-for-profit news service to benefit the Australian public, delivered via media outlets and various other platforms.

Striving for the purest form of journalism, AAP holds no political bias nor is it beholden to advertisers or influencers. News value is paramount.

AAP’s news in all formats will maintain the highest standards of accuracy, impartiality, balance and fairness to ensure public trust and confidence.

To achieve this AAP will operate under the following Principles.


Ownership – AAP is a not-for-profit company and does not have owners. It is motivated by public interest, ensuring the news service is not influenced by third parties.

Independence – With due regard to the public interest, AAP’s news service will remain free from government, corporate, client or factional influence.

Accuracy – AAP’s valued reputation as ÔÇ£the reliable sourceÔÇØ will be maintained by ensuring all news is accurate, authoritatively sourced and visual news is not altered so as to misrepresent the news or subjects.

Impartiality – AAP will supply objective news free from political partisanship or bias to ensure its integrity and independence.

Balance and Fairness – AAP will not promote particular views or interests, either through undue emphasis or by suppressing relevant material. Individuals, organisations or groups will have a timely right of reply.

Trust and Confidence – AAP and its staff will work within all relevant legal frameworks to promote public trust and to avoid bringing the news service into disrepute.

Future – Opportunities to develop or adapt the AAP news service within the auspices of this charter will be assessed on merit and actioned as the Board and managers see fit.

Standards Committee

An AAP Editorial Standards Committee monitors the quality and independence of the AAP news service and promotes compliance with the principles.

The Committee comprises members appointed by the Board and Editorial Executive who meet on a regular basis to review complaints and other editorial issues, as well as providing guidance and advice as necessary. It aims to preserve the integrity, independence, quality and freedom from bias of the AAP news service, as well as to protect and promote the value of AAP’s news to the Australian public.