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New Security Report by Info-Tech Research Group Details Five Priorities APAC Security Leaders Need to Know for Coming Year

PRNewswire September 1, 2022

TORONTO, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Info-Tech Research Group, one of the top global information technology research and advisory firms, has published its annual trends report on the upcoming priorities security leaders need to plan for. Info-Tech’s Security Priorities 2022 report combines insights from the 2022 security priorities survey and other related industry reports that the firm releases throughout the year. This new report looks into important security trends and the priorities that stem from them to help APAC security leaders better secure their workforce in the remote work environment.

Insights on the top priorities that APAC security leaders need to know for the coming year, as detailed by Info-Tech Research Group's Security Priorities 2022 report. (CNW Group/Info-Tech Research Group)

“Within Australia, cybersecurity has been thrust to the forefront of minds of business and technology leaders,” says Robert Dang, principal research director at Info-Tech Research Group in Sydney. “This is partly driven by remote working due to the pandemic, but more specific to our region are renewed regulations and standards that bring attention to cybersecurity risks, requiring them to be managed and governed like other business risks. There is now significant focus and uptake of ASD’s Essential Eight, as well as the introduction of regulatory requirements such as the 2022 SLACIP Act and CPS 234.”

Info-Tech’s annual security priorities predictions are based on primary data gained from surveying security and IT leaders, as well as insights and research from the recently released 2022 Tech Trends report. The firm’s annual security survey asked leaders about their top security priorities for the year, their main obstacles to success, and projects currently being implemented in their organisations.

“Cybersecurity can be complex and is constantly evolving,” adds Dang. “Regulatory compliance activities aim to uplift cybersecurity posture, but it is still vital to understand the current trends of cyber threats and challenges so that initiatives can be coordinated and prioritised to deliver effective protection for your organisation. Info-tech’s Security Priorities 2022 report provides insight to help technology leaders understand what security trends are emerging this year and thus prioritise to avoid remaining exposed.”

The report findings reveal that many organisations are still mastering the foundations of a mature cybersecurity program. It also outlines the top projects security leaders are working on, which include security strategies, policies, governance, and incident response.

“Although changes like the shift to remote work occurred in response to the pandemic, they are largely expected to remain, regardless of the progression of the pandemic itself,” adds Info-Tech Research Specialist Maggie Zeng. “The Security Priorities 2022 report outlines┬áimportant┬ásecurity trends and the priorities that stem from these trends.”

Five Priorities from Info-Tech’s Security Priorities 2022 Report
The priorities identified in the 2022 report are influenced by three main factors: the COVID-19 pandemic, rampant cybercrime, and remote work and workforce reallocation.

The following are the top five priorities Info-Tech’s research indicated should be top of mind for APAC security and IT leaders:

  1. Acquiring and Retaining Talent. Security talent was in short supply before the pandemic, and it’s even worse now. Organisations need to consider how to improve working environments for existing and potential employees and invest time and effort into talent issues to avoid being understaffed.
  2. Securing a Remote Workforce. Trends suggest remote work is here to stay and that addressing the risk of insecure endpoints can no longer be deferred. Organisations must create a secure environment for users and help them build safe habits while working remotely.
  3. Securing Digital Transformation. Digital transformation could be a competitive advantage or the cause of the next data breach. Security leaders should ensure security is built in from the start and check in frequently to create agile and secure user experiences.
  4. Adopting Zero Trust. It is critical for organisations to have a process to manage the access of sensitive information based on the principle of least privilege. Governments are now recognising the importance of zero trust strategies; security leaders across other industries should as well.
  5. Protecting Against and Responding to Ransomware.┬áRansomware is still the number one threat to the safety of an organisation’s data. Security leaders must put in their best efforts to build defences, prepare for a breach, and know how to recover from one.

For each of these priorities, the report provides recommended actions as well as templates that APAC security leaders can use to explain the priorities so that stakeholders can understand and endorse them.

The comprehensive report is now available. Download and read the full Security Priorities 2022 report to learn more about each priority.

To learn more about Info-Tech Research Group and to download all the latest research, visit www.infotech.com┬áand connect viaÔÇ»LinkedIn,┬áTwitter,ÔÇ»and Facebook.┬á

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