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Global study shows Artificial Intelligence can reduce time to pregnancy for IVF couples by 12%

PRNewswire September 7, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reproductive BioMedicine Online (RBMO) journal has published results of an international clinical study BY Presagen showing that its Artificial Intelligence (AI) product Life Whisperer can reduce time to pregnancy for IVF couples by 12%, potentially saving costs and heartbreak associated with failed cycles.

The study was conducted with IVF clinics globally, including Ovation Fertility, ORM Fertility, Texas Fertility Centre, and Midwest Fertility Specialists in the USA, IVF-Life in Europe, Alpha IVF & Women’s Specialists and Safe Fertility in South East Asia, and Flinders Fertility in Australia.

The AI algorithm, called Life Whisperer Viability (a product by AI healthcare company Presagen), evaluates how likely embryos are to lead to a pregnancy. This allows embryologists to rank and select the best quality embryos for transfer, which is a critical factor for an IVF patient to achieve a successful pregnancy. This study showed that the AI has improved performance over current manual embryo grading approaches using a sophisticated simulating cohort ranking analysis method to determine time to pregnancy.

Presagen’s Chief Medical Science Officer Dr Sonya Diakiw explained “Life Whisperer Viability scores correlate with known features of embryo quality identified by both standard morphological assessment and genetic assessment using PGT-A. However, when comparing the AI with standard morphological grading, the AI performs better in evaluating embryo viability. As a result, the use of the AI could potentially reduce the time to pregnancy for couples undergoing IVF treatment.”

The technology was evaluated on a diverse set of patient embryos from clinics around the world, ensuring that the AI provides consistent and reliable clinical use, regardless of who the IVF patient is or where they are being treated.

Presagen’s Chief Scientist Dr Jonathan Hall explained “The generalisability and scalability of Life Whisperer Viability means millions of people around the world that struggle with fertility now have access to affordable AI-enhanced IVF treatment.”

Life Whisperer Viability is already available for IVF clinics and their patients in over 40 countries globally. It can be used in combination with Life Whisperer Genetics, which assesses if an embryo is likely to be genetically normal (euploid). Together, Life Whisperer Viability and Life Whisperer Genetics provide a comprehensive assessment of embryo quality.

Paper Title

An artificial intelligence model correlated with morphological and genetic features of blastocyst quality demonstrates improved ranking of viable embryos


About Presagen and Life Whisperer

Presagen is an AI healthcare company that is changing the way clinics, patients, and medical data from around the world are connected through AI. Its platform, The Social Network for Healthcare, connects clinics and patients globally, and enables collaboration and data sharing to create scalable AI healthcare products that are affordable and accessible for all. The decentralized network democratizes the creation of AI products, promotes collaboration through incentives, and protects data privacy and ownership. With a focus on improving Women’s Health outcomes globally, Presagen’s first product, Life Whisperer, is being used by IVF clinics globally to improve pregnancy outcomes for couples struggling with fertility. With a vision of creating the largest network of clinics, patients, and medical data from around the world, Presagen is driving the future of AI Enhanced Healthcare.

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