Dietary Leader EinFit Builds a Healthy Lifestyle with Award-Winning Supplements

PRNewswire September 19, 2022

Good habits and effective supplements to help you live the best life

TAICHUNG, Taiwan, Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/┬á– EinFit, the dietary supplement foods manufacturer based in Taiwan, is leading the way to embrace a healthier lifestyle with its additive-free health supplement products and advocacy for good health practices.

Healthy lifestyle for a better quality life

EinFit founder Franky Lee had an idea: a healthy lifestyle leads to increased productivity and enjoyment. Before founding his EinFit, Lee was shocked to realize the importance of a healthy body to the quality of life. He immediately quit smoking, adjusted his diet and became a qualified a personal fitness trainer to analyze timely supplementary nutrition for the body professionally.

“Being healthy is not about doing the right thing for just one time but being consistent in doing the right thing repeatedly,” said Lee. In addition, going beyond supplements, EinFit clients are invited to weekly exercise sessions and monthly meetings to discuss health-related things.

EinFit’s winning supplements formula

Fast forward to last year, the company was selected as a winner in 6 different categories for a prestigious award in Taiwan called The National Brand YuShan Award. These accomplishments reinforce the following four core pillars of EinFit:

  • All-vegan health supplements
  • Addition of ample patented plant extract to its products
  • No use of additives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors
  • Full transparency for ingredients and origins, such as the use of zinc yeast and xylooligosaccharide

EinFit’s star products are probiotics and vegan protein. The former, which was recognized for ‘Best Product’ in The National Brand YuShan Award 2021, contains a potent blend of 6 probiotics, including common ones like HN019 (Bifidobacterium lactis), NCFM (Lactobacillus acidophilus), and four probiotics made in Taiwan, as well as three kinds of prebiotics and a natural enzyme complex that┬ácombines eight critical digestive enzymes, produced with a patented compound designed to aid with digestion. This product is also suitable for individuals that seek to improve their digestive systems such as picky eaters or working individuals that always eat out, it assists the process of re-adjusting the probiotic level in your body.

The latter vegan protein incorporates three essential ingredients in brown rice protein, pea protein, and isolated soy protein to deliver an easy-to-use product with no sweetener and additive. Each packet contains high protein of up to 33g. Consumers can easily pair it with any hot or cold drink or food like pancakes or fruits to increase their food protein intake. It is also the only vegan protein from Taiwan with the 2022 EU A. A 100% Additive-free certification. This product is also an eco-friendly option for your body to transition to a healthy vegan diet. 

EinFit has achieved several certifications essential to its overall positioning and messaging, including International Food Safety and Hygiene Standards HACCP, the ISO22000 certification, HPMC Vegan certification, and SGS. This allows EinFit to bring its supplements to a global audience and secure more partnerships with companies across Asia and other countries.

EinFit believes the value of life is not only the achievement of work, but also the achievement of life itself. To learn more, visit or for more information, or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest developments.

About EinFit

Established by Franky Lee in 2020, EinFit is a dietary supplement foods manufacturer from Taiwan that specializes in helping consumers choose healthier options with a systematic ecosystem of a good diet, consistent exercising, and timely nutritional supplements. EinFit aims to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle to Change For Better, Change For Life.

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EinFit CO., LTD.

Franky Lee



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