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PRNewswire November 29, 2022

Co-Founder Aubrey Anderson and Algorand Foundation CTO John Woods host fireside chat about Onboarding The Next 10 Million Mobile Users

DUBAI, UAE and LOS ANGELES, Nov 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –┬áThe New Computer Corporation (NCC) recently unveiled its toolkit of decentralized application program services (dAPIs) that provide easy access to web3 infrastructure and utility following a $2.5 million Seed Funding round led by Borderless Capital.

Now they’re ready to share the activation success of Inkey, the paradigm-shifting micro-wallet that moves the focus from trading to experiential, opening up the true potential of blockchain.

Inkey is an open source, easily embeddable transaction processor that can turn any app into a dApp, bringing existing audiences into web3. Inkey speaks in familiar terms to a user audience that is mobile-first, including non-crypto natives. For brands and organizations who want to seamlessly transition to web3 and maintain customer and fan engagement, Inkey fits into existing infrastructure with no additional installs. Opening a wallet should not be an intimidating prospect. Inkey introduces an intuitive and smooth process that takes 30 seconds or less.

Inkey debuted on stage during Decipher 2022, the annual gathering of Algorand builders, founders, investors, and strategists hosted by the Algorand Foundation and taking place at the Madinat Jumeirah this week in Dubai. NCC Co-Founder and CTO Aubrey Anderson appeared on stage alongside Algorand Foundation CTO John Woods to talk about onboarding the next 10 million users on Algorand.

As well as Inkey, the current suite of NCC dAPI tools includes:

  • STOI: a micro-DAO (m-DAO) that tokenizes fractional ownership and automates revenue distribution among owners, fans, and rights holders
  • Bricks: a token standard and exchange protocol for media streams that enables smart contracts (one stream = one token)
  • TTM: token-targeted on-chain messaging protocol
  • Project:Rodeo: an on-chain project management tool to create, assign, manage and reward milestones

John Woods, CTO, Algorand Foundation: “NCC is changing the game. Algorand is the first chain fit for this purpose. Secure, robust, scalable ÔÇô fast and affordable. We’re excited to see where they take this.”

Benjamin Palmer, Co-Founder & CEO, NCC: “The web is at its most exciting inflection point since the 90s. The powerful, programmable financial tools of web3 make a lot of almost-great ideas from the past totally feasible, and unlock an incredible array of new business models for creative experiences. We are thrilled to put these financial tools into creators’ hands and make new internet magic together!”

Aubrey Anderson, Co-Founder and CTO, NCC: “I feel like we know a secret right now that no one else knows: decentralization isn’t just for finance. It’s going to make the internet fun again.”

At the III Points Festival in Miami in October 2022, Inkey offered access to a utility token in the existing III Points app experience. It was exchangeable for fast lane entry, free drinks, and free roller skate rentals at the festival’s neon roller rink. Engagement was brisk and did not drop off after the first day of the multi-day event ÔÇö distribution of tokens on Day 2 equaled the pre-event distribution figures at a festival with approximately 30,000 attendees and limited connectivity. Leading up to and during the event, non-native crypto users opened 4,500 wallets, 98% on mobile, out of almost 8,000 festival-goers who visited the promotion site ÔÇô a 57% conversion rate.

About The New Computer Corporation
The NCC is thrilled for the third chapter of the web! This is our collective opportunity to align economics and creativity, and we’re here to help. We believe that when applied properly, web3 economics can fix problems with ownership, identity, payments, attribution, tracking, and more. So, we’re building tools that will help you build your own cultures and have fun while doing it.

The NCC was co-founded by Benjamin Palmer and Aubrey Anderson in 2019. Ben and Aubrey previously co-founded the Barbarian Group and have a lifelong commitment to making the internet a fun place.

For more information, visit: inkey.ncc.la
Media contact: Greg Bresnitz gb@ncc.la

About Algorand
Founded by Turing AwardÔÇôwinning cryptographer Silvio Micali, Algorand’s highÔÇôperforming Layer-1 blockchain is unparalleled for bringing fast, frictionless, and inclusive technologies to everyone. Algorand is reshaping every industryÔÇôfrom TradFi and DeFi to new creator economies and beyond. With an extraordinary commitment to interoperability and consistent delivery, its sustainable technology powers more participation, transparency, and efficiency for all. As the technology of choice for 2,000+ global organizations, the Algorand ecosystem is transforming the next generation of financial products, protocols and exchange of value.

For more information, visit www.algorand.com.
Media contact: algorand@dittopr.co

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