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stake.link Delivers Liquid Delegated Staking to the Chainlink Ecosystem with Consortium of Node Operators

PRNewswire December 6, 2022

VANCOUVER, BC, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –┬áLinkPool, the premier ecosystem developer and node services provider for the Chainlink Ecosystem, announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind liquid delegated staking protocol for the Chainlink Network, stake.link, and a new protocol token SDL.

stake.link is the first-of-its-kind liquid delegated staking platform delivering DeFi composability and Chainlink Staking

Joining LinkPool as the initial members of stake.link are Chainlink node operators 01Node, ChainLayer, CryptoManufaktur, Framework Ventures, Inotel, LinkForest, LinkRiver, Matrixed.Link, Mycelium, Orion, Simply Staking, stakefish, Stakin, and Tiingo. This cohort of top Chainlink node operators are thrilled to announce that Chainlink Labs will be joining the stake.link DAO as the first member of the Ecosystem Participant Initiative.

stake.link is a DeFi protocol built on top of Chainlink Staking that gives users and node operators the ability to assign collateral directly to nodes and the wider network. In return, users are provided the liquid staking receipt token stLINK that will form the cornerstone of DeFi composability for Chainlink Staking and the ecosystems that it secures. The protocol extends utility of staked assets and increases network security.

LinkPool Founder and CEO Jonny Huxtable says

Not only does stake.link usher in a new era for LinkPool and Chainlink, but with its launch and the underlying protocol of Chainlink Staking, it marks a new era of blockchain infrastructure that will further build on the existing foundations of definitive truth that has already been the catalyst to incredible advancements, innovations and adoption.

“stake.link is a first of its kind DeFi platform that boosts network security and value through high efficiency locking and re-locking of collateral within individual pool strategies. Since users receive stLINK in exchange for LINK, security can be enforced because they always maintain access to their staked collateral.”

At launch, stake.link supports two tokens: LINK and the platform token SDL.

About stake.link

stake.link is the first-of-its-kind liquid delegated staking platform delivering DeFi composability and Chainlink Staking. Built by premier Chainlink ecosystem developer LinkPool, powered by the top Chainlink node operators, and governed by the stake.link DAO, stake.link’s extensible, pooled staking architecture is architected to support the vision of Chainlink Staking and extend participation in the Chainlink Network.

Website | https://stake.link 
Twitter | @stakedotlink 
Telegram | https://t.me/stakedotlink

Contact: contact@stake.link 


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