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Shine-On Biomedical Co., Ltd. Accorded the International Innovation Awards 2022 for TROY CAR EXOs

PRNewswire January 5, 2023

SINGAPORE, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Enterprise Asia is pleased to honor 39 remarkable innovations at the 6th International Innovation Awards (IIA) 2022. The awards took place in Bangkok, Thailand following the International Innovation Summit 2022 which convened over 300 innovation experts, industry leaders, and policymakers worldwide. As one of the pillars of the Innovation Revolution movement spearheaded by Enterprise Asia since 2017, the awards aim to create an innovation ecosystem for enterprises which is held annually to recognize outstanding innovations across the globe.

The awards drew an exceptional mix of submissions from various industries across 19 countries. 39 innovations were selected and crowned winners from over 200 applications through undergoing a rigorous evaluation process by a jury of prominent judges across three categories: Product, Service & Solution, and Organization & Culture.

Shine-On Biomedical Co., Ltd.’s Award-Winning Innovation

Shine-On Biomedical Co., Ltd.’s TROY CAR EXOs was awarded under the Product Category.

Shine-On Biomedical is deploying and engineering secreted extracellular vesicles (EV) and exosomes, taking its natural transmission advantages to develop an entirely novel class of bio-therapeutics. With a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio creation including proprietary manufacturing, purification, and preservation methods, as well as a clinical translation platform establishment, Shine-On Biomedical’s EV novel therapeutics, Troy-Exos, are engineered exosomes with a safe and potent modality for precision delivery of advanced payloads.

Troy-Exos owned a patented endogenous immune checkpoint antibody and designed a novel genetic engineering modification method to fuse on the EV’s membrane proteins. Furthermore, they are loaded with small molecules and nucleic acid drugs with high efficiency. This nano-level immune checkpoint nanobody acting as TROY CAR Exos’ target is highly-expressed outside the double-layer phospholipid layer of exosomes, which increases the specificity of exosomes to attack tumors instead of normal tissue cells. In addition, Troy-Exos with immune checkpoint nanobodies can also prohibit the inhibitory effect of immune cells caused by immune checkpoint antigens after binding to tumor cells, thus increasing the killing of tumor cells by T cells.

Ultimately, Troy-Exos presents a novel and unique concept of next-generation anticancer therapeutics. They solve the current problems of “nucleic acid therapeutics” packaging carriers in cancer treatment and benefit patients by reducing the unwanted side effects of drugs while improving the therapeutic efficacy for late-stage cancer patients and patients’ quality of life.

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