Yuan Yuan Start Business In the Chinese Mainland

PRNewswire January 11, 2023

BEIJING, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ –┬áA new report by China.org.cn on Business:

Hi everyone, I am Yuan Yuan, I was born and raised in Taiwan. I will graduate from university this year and I wish to start my own business. My family told me there are many people from Taiwan achieved entrepreneurial success on the mainland. Besides, the Chinese mainland has┬áimplemented┬ápreferential policies to benefit Taiwan enterprises and compatriots. I am going to the mainland┬áto learn the “startup experience” from those Taiwan entrepreneurs!

The government has issued a series of policies to support Taiwan compatriots in applying for the establishment of individual businesses in the Chinese mainland. Since 2018, the Chinese mainland has unveiled measures to further promote economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation across the Taiwan Strait, which known as the “31 measures” which known as the “31 measures” and the “26 measures”. Other measures include the “11 measures” to promote the development of Taiwan enterprises and compatriots, the “22 measures on agriculture and forestry,” and policies to expand the fields for Taiwan compatriots to register and operate individually-owned businesses in the Chinese mainland. These measures help ensure that Taiwan enterprises and compatriots share more opportunities, and enjoy the same treatment as mainland residents.

An increasing number of Taiwan compatriots now find opportunities for development on the mainland. For those Taiwan compatriots who wants to pursue their dreams in the Chinese mainland, they could apply for national-level technology business incubator program through 78 bases and demonstration platforms for cross-Strait youth entrepreneurship and employment Taiwan compatriots who works inside the Chinese mainland could also apply for National Animation Award. Students and teachers from Taiwan who are currently studying or lecturing in universities in the Chinese mainland can apply for government-sponsored overseas study with their residence permit for Taiwan residents. Such measures create bigger and better stages for young people from Taiwan to show their talents, and bring tangible benefits to Taiwan compatriots and businesses.

The mainland supports Taiwan compatriots and businesses participating in China’s major development strategies to help Taiwan businesses expand domestic demand on the mainland. Besides, the mainland has provided several measures for Taiwan compatriots and ensure they enjoy equal treatment, including issuing residence permits for Taiwan residents, removing work permits for Taiwan compatriots working on the mainland, expanding trials to allow more Taiwan compatriots to work in public institutions, increasing enrollment for Taiwan compatriots, ensuring their access to professional qualification examinations and social security on the mainland, among other benefits. The implementation of these measures reassure Taiwan compatriots to start business on the mainland.

An old Chinese saying goes, “compatriots should help each other”. People on both sides of the Taiwan Straits share the bonds of kinship and we treat our compatriots in Taiwan as equals. Looking forward, the mainland will introduce more preferential policies and measures for Taiwan compatriots. the policy of equal treatment will be deepened and refined to support more Taiwan compatriots to pursue, build, and achieve their dreams on the mainland.

My fellow compatriots in Taiwan, I will be waiting for you in the Chinese mainland. Together we could achieving our entrepreneurial dream.

Yuan Yuan Start Business In the Chinese Mainland

SOURCE China.org.cn

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