5.5G Park Opens, Bringing 5.5G to Life

PRNewswire April 25, 2023

SHENZHEN, China, April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At the Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS) 2023 themed “Thrive with Digital, Striding Towards the Intelligent World” from April 19 to 20, 2023, Huawei’s 5.5G Park was formally unveiled to provide firsthand experience of new applications encompassing the Internet of People, Things, and Vehicles that are driven by 5.5G. With 5.5G, network experience is leaping from ubiquitous Gbps to 10 Gbps downlink and Gbps uplink plus deterministic experience, bringing new ways of connecting people, things, and vehicles.

5.5G 10 Gbps Opens Up the 3D Era to Accelerate Network Monetization

Mobile services for consumers are advancing to immersive interaction. Overlaying 3D experiences onto the mobile Internet represents a new major direction of advancing Internet services, one that is projected to open up a new era of immersive experience. The 5.5G Park showcased two interesting items for visitors to enjoy 3D experiences without 3D glasses. One is a 3D tablet, on which users can access 3D live streaming, on-demand video playback, cloud gaming with a wide angle of view (AOV) and a large depth of field (DoF). The other is a large partner-installed optical-field 3D display that allows for diverse immersive applications for education, healthcare, construction, and entertainment. Such new developments will stimulate the upgrade of immersive home entertainment services, accelerating the demand for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) bandwidth. The multi-viewpoint and high resolution that are inherent of 3D require 10 Gbps downlink from networks with a deterministic latency of 20 ms and reliability of 99%.

Thanks to enhanced AI support, AI-Generated Content (AIGC) has set out to become a core mode that will notably improve the efficiency of creating high-quality content. A demo at the 5.5G Park shows how a 3D video of 20 seconds is automatically created just from a document clip and a picture. A higher content creation efficiency and, particularly, the thriving momentum of 3D content will lead to the mobile data of usage (DOU) growing continuously to around 10 times what it is now by 2027.

Passive IoT Transforms Cellular IoT to Enable 100 Billion Connections

Passive IoT is pushing the IoT industry to a new level, as a single 5.5G network provides ubiquitous connectivity for all IoT services across all tiers of speed, including passive IoT services. Compared with traditional technologies, passive IoT enhances uplink capabilities and ensures tenfold coverage performance, paving the way to scale it up across various high-value use cases from warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, and mass consumers. For example, in the 5.5G Park demo, visualized logistics are realized based on passive IoT for production lines and warehouse inventories. As materials reach workers rather than workers having to look for them, factories will be less subject to downtime and will be able to achieve higher production efficiency.

5.5G HCS Pushes the Boundaries of Smart IoV with Vehicle-Road-Cloud Synergy

5.5G harmonized communication and sensing (HCS) will define the next-generation smart Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and expand its boundaries of business from connectivity to omni-sensing across sea, land, and space. Vehicle-road-cloud synergy is an IoV trending application that has grown into a major research subject. 5.5G base stations support more than double the current sensing distance of the industry’s common solutions. This will result in networks being deployed at lower costs to facilitate the coordination among vehicles, roads, and cloud. As such, smart traffic management can be more effective, the R&D and manufacturing of self-driving vehicles will become more cost-effective, and safer and more convenient driving will be a reality. Visitors in the 5.5G Park can experience firsthand how vehicle-road-cloud synergy can significantly boost transit experience and efficiency by helping drivers promptly discover congestion, people or vehicles abruptly coming out of blind spots, and obstacles in various real-life traffic scenarios.

5.5G 10 Gbps for All Creates Ubiquitous X Gbps Experience Indoors and Outdoors

With 10 times the capabilities of 5G networks, 5.5G is bringing 10 Gbps into reality. Huawei has completed end-to-end (E2E) testing and verification in collaboration with industry partners, showing that carrier aggregation with the mixed use of high and low bands can help networks deliver 10 Gbps peak speed. Huawei has also developed a series of leading solutions, including extremely large antenna array-Massive MIMO (ELAA-M-MIMO), intelligent beam (iBeam) algorithms, and indoor Distributed Massive MIMO (Distributed M-MIMO), to extend X Gbps access to both indoor and outdoor users whenever and wherever they perform mobile services. 5.5G will also support 10 Gbps connectivity to provide new broadband experiences for home FWA users, like 3D ultra-high definition (UHD) multi-viewpoint immersive videos.

As the industry enters the 5.5G era, mobile service experience is upgrading to a new level. Huawei will continue to work with industry partners to adapt 5.5G into business scenarios for unrivaled experience.

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