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Quantinuum Brings Quantum-Computing-Hardened Encryption Keys to the Device Level for the First Time – Introducing Quantum Origin Onboard

PRNewswire June 14, 2023

Critical software-based protection for a range of connected devices

LONDON and┬áBROOMFIELD, Colo, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quantinuum, the world’s largest integrated quantum computing company, today announced the launch of Quantum Origin Onboard, an innovation in cryptographic key generation that provides quantum computing hardened cyber protection for a wide range of connected devices by maximizing the strength of keys generated within the devices themselves.┬á

The risk of cyberattacks compromising organizations continues to grow. As cybercriminals uncover new techniques to exploit connected systems and their data, even the cryptographic foundations of cybersecurity measures remain vulnerable to advanced threats. Cryptographic keys created using current typical methods deployed by organizations around the world are not provably unpredictable, leaving encrypted data and systems potentially at risk of devastating attacks. Quantinuum’s quantum-computing-hardened cryptographic key enhancement solution provably minimizes the risk that businesses generate and use vulnerable encryption keys to protect encrypted data.

“While quantum computing has the potential to render current encryption algorithms obsolete, posing a significant challenge to businesses and individuals alike, already today sophisticated attackers can take advantage of vulnerable encryption keys,” said Dr. Rajeeb Hazra, CEO of Quantinuum. “With our Quantum Origin Onboard and the overall Quantum Origin platform, organizations can fortify defenses across multiple endpoints and embrace the possibilities of a quantum-secure future. The next era of data security is here, and we are proud to be at the forefront as we collaborate with organizations worldwide.”

Strengthening encryption at the device level

Quantum Origin Onboard is the first and only commercially available enterprise software solution capable of delivering quantum-computing-hardened key enhancement. It can be installed directly onto devices and used to help deliver unparalleled foundational-level protection. Quantum Origin Onboard brings cutting-edge, enterprise-level security that integrates directly into connected devices without the need for additional hardware upgrades. This unique approach ensures that devices in any environment, online or offline, can generate quantum-computing-hardened keys to continually maximize the strength of encryption measures protecting devices.

Quantum Origin Onboard embeds a quantum seed, created by Quantinuum’s H-Series quantum computer, into devices. The seed is a string of provably unpredictable numbers, which enhance a device’s capability to generate strong and secure keys.

“Enterprises are recognizing they can build unprecedented resilience by adopting quantum-computing-hardened cryptographic keys,” said Duncan Jones, Head of Cybersecurity at Quantinuum. “This is a paradigm shift, and enterprises in critical industries are embracing the opportunity to minimize a risk to one of their attack surfaces, specifically device-level encryption on internet connected products that might be in the field for a decade.”

The growing security threat to embedded devices

The growing use of connected devices continues to underpin innovation across industries, from critical infrastructure to healthcare to transportation to energy. As adoption has risen, cybercriminals have increasingly targeted vulnerable interconnected devices, causing mass disruption. One of the most infamous examples of the power of IoT-based attacks is the Mirai malware that infected IP cameras and basic home routers, creating a botnet that compromised a leading Domain Name Systems provider, leaving many high-profile websites inaccessible.

Quantum Origin Onboard embeds an industry-leading security capability into connected devices, to strengthen device security against advanced cyber-attacks, by minimizing an exploitable cyber vulnerability. As the only software solution of its kind, it simplifies deployment and provides uninterrupted key generation for connected devices and the data they manage.

For more information, visit http://www.quantinuum.com/cybersecurity/quantumoriginonboard.

About Quantinuum 

QuantinuumÔÇ»is the world’s largest quantum computing company, formed by the combination of Honeywell Quantum Solutions’ world leading hardware and Cambridge Quantum’s class leading middleware and applications. Science led and enterprise driven, Quantinuum accelerates quantum computing and the development of applications across chemistry, cybersecurity, finance, and optimization. Its focus is to create scalable and commercial quantum solutions to solve the world’s most pressing problems, in fields such as energy, logistics, climate change, and health. The company employs over 480 people including 350 scientists, at nine sites in the US, Europe, and Japan.┬á

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