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PRNewswire June 19, 2023

For the eye health of myopic children: Because every dioptre counts

MUNICH, June 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tablets, computers or homework ÔÇô nowadays, children focus mainly on what is right in front of them and often spend less time outside. The consequence of this new behaviour is that more children develop short-sightedness, also called myopia. This meant that in 2020 over one third of the world population was short-sighted ÔÇô a sharp increase in only two decades. But what many parents don’t know: Short-sightedness among children can cause serious eye diseases in adulthood, which is why it is important to control it as early as possible. The experts at┬áRodenstock developed a solution for this purpose: The new Rodenstock MyCon spectacle lenses are designed to correct myopia, guarantee sharp vision and counteract the progression of myopia in every short-sighted child, also as a preventive measure.

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If one of the parents is short-sighted, the child’s risk of developing myopia is increased. If both parents are affected, the probability even increases to 35-60%. Myopia also tends to progress faster if the child’s parents are myopic. Childhood myopia also increases the risk of eye disease in adulthood, irrespective of the severity. Controlling childhood myopia helps ensure healthier eyes in the long run, as the risk of developing eye diseases in adulthood is significantly reduced. As vision experts, we at Rodenstock always strive to create the sharpest vision possible ÔÇô also for children. That’s why with the new MyCon lenses (the name comes from Myopia Control) the company developed a solution to help control myopia progression in children from the first dioptre which is suitable for all short-sighted children between 6 and 14 years old, irrespective of the severity of the short-sightedness.

Myopia is a result of the eye being slightly too long. Normal single vision lenses are not designed to slow myopia progression. They can correct the visual defect and thus improve vision, but eye elongation which is responsible for the myopia is not stopped.

This is where Rodenstock comes in, with spectacle lenses designed precisely to correct myopia, ensure sharp vision and counteract the progression of myopia. In contrast to normal single vision lenses, the light is scattered through progression control areas that are placed to the side of the lens so that in the periphery the light is refracted to hit in front of the retina. MyCon lenses slow eye elongation and thus myopia progression, while leaving the main vision zones of the lens undisturbed. The focus area in the lens ensures that the child can see sharply wherever they focus their eyes.

From a long-term perspective, the slowing of myopia has a positive effect on eye health, as the risk for eye diseases in adulthood can be reduced considerably.

Children in particular see the thin and light lens design of the MyCon spectacle lenses as a decisive advantage. It helps them to overcome insecurities regarding their appearance when wearing spectacles. The lenses do not stand out or look out of place even with high prescription. The innovative Finish X-tra Clean as the top layer on the front and back of the spectacle lens creates an extremely smooth surface, to which dirt can barely adhere and can be easily cleaned off without leaving streaks or residues.

Clinical study proves effectiveness

An independent, external clinical long-term study* examining myopia progression in Caucasian children aged 7 to 14 years over a period of 5 years has shown the effectiveness: spectacle lenses based on the principles of Rodenstock MyCon can slow down the progression of myopia by up to 40% and are suitable for every child from the first diopter, even preventively.

In contrast to special contact lenses and eye drops, MyCon spectacle lenses are the simplest and least invasive form of treatment and counteract the progression of myopia. Because every diopter counts, especially for children.

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About Rodenstock:
The Rodenstock Group is a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality lenses. With the philosophy “B.I.G. VISION┬« FOR ALL”, the lens manufacturer represents a paradigm shift in individual progressive lenses. The company was founded in 1877 and has its head office in Munich, Germany. It employs around 5,100 staff worldwide and is represented in more than 85 countries. Rodenstock is operating with 6 central production plants to secure global supply.┬á

* Tarutta EP, Proskurina OV, Tarasova NA, Milash SV, Markosyan GA. Long-term results of perifocal defocus spectacle lens correction in children with progressive myopia. Vestn Oftalmol. 2019;135(5):46-53.

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