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IBC Launches Full Range of Best-in-Class Molecular Recognition TechnologyÔäó (MRTÔäó) Flowsheets for Highly Selective Separations of Key Radionuclides and Preparation of Novel Chelating Agents for Radionuclide Incorporation into Radiopharmaceuticals

PRNewswire June 21, 2023
  • Development of multiple anticancer drugs with radioisotopes is in progress
  • Lu-177, Y-90, Cu-67, Ra-223, Ac-225, Pb-212 and At-211 have licensed products or are in clinical trials
  • IBC’s state-of-the-art MRTÔäó separation and chelation technologies facilitate production of radiopharmaceuticals based on these and other medical radioisotopes
  • Radioisotopes are separated at up to 99.99% purity and 99.9+% recovery yield

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc. (“IBC”) announces the launch of a full range of tools for theranostics utilizing proprietary Molecular Recognition TechnologyÔäó (MRTÔäó.)┬á

IBC Tools for Theranostics

Flowsheets based on highly selective MRTÔäó products and processes utilize IBC’s proprietary molecules tailored to target specific ions in terms of matching their shapes and coordination chemistry. These molecules are attached to support materials such as organic polymers or silicates to create reusable MRTÔäó resins that bind target radionuclides with exceptionally high selectivity in packed column mode. The bound target radionuclide is removed by elution with very high rates of purity and recovery, up to 99.99% pure and 99.9+% yield, using chemically simple solutions.

Highly selective MRTÔäó materials have been cited as green chemistry reagents [1] for the following reasons:

  • Ambient temperature operations
  • Non-use of harsh reagents
  • Non-use of organic solvents
  • Reusable with reduced waste generation
  • Simple flowsheets with low process complexity
  • Minimal waste production

MRTÔäó products have found uses [2] in highly selective recovery of valuable materials, waste treatment, chemical analysis and many other applications including individual radionuclide separations and high recovery at high purity.

Properties of MRTÔäó flowsheets that make them useful for separations in the medical radioisotope field are:

  • High recovery rates of individual radioisotopes, typically up to 99.9+% first pass yields, maximizing return of the valuable isotope
  • Exceptional selectivity for individual radioisotopes
  • Ease of removal of the bound radioisotope which, when coupled with high selectivity, gives a high purity product with little or no contamination from other elements
  • High radiation resistance (retains properties up to 1.0E+9 Rad) and high chemical stability [3]
  • MRTÔäó resin recyclability that reduces waste generation and MRTÔäó resin replacement compared to conventional ion exchange resins
  • Potential single step recovery which simplifies processing flowsheets

IBC has many highly selective MRTÔäó separation systems available and in use in radioisotope as well as non-radioisotope applications across the periodic table. IBC works closely with each customer to design, build, and commission a customized separation system to meet their needs.

IBC also manufactures individual chelating agents and other ligands to complex metal ions independently or to conjugate radioisotopes to vector molecules, including small molecules, peptides and monoclonal antibodies.

IBC’s proprietary flowsheets offer high purity, high recovery rate processes for radioisotopes that have the added advantage of simplified, usually single step, recovery with minimal generation of waste from the process. IBC believes these properties offer economic advantages for individual isotope production and for recovering expensive (enriched) target materials that can be applied to established and developing processes in the nuclear field.

Dr. Robert G. G. Holmes, former Chief Scientist at Canadian Nuclear Labs, commented, “There is a resurgence of interest in radiopharmaceuticals, particularly the targeted therapies using Lu-177, Ac-225, Ra-223and Pb-212. MRTÔäó has been extensively proven on key radioisotopes both in and outside the radiopharmaceutical industry. MRTÔäó provides many advantages and benefits in the recovery of radioisotopes and other valuable target materials, exploiting the key properties of high selectivity and high recovery rates which result in waste minimization, process simplification, enhanced recovery and associated cost savings.”

Steven R. Izatt, President and CEO of IBC, commented, “With this launch, IBC is providing the radiopharmaceutical industry with the key tools it needs to industrially produce pure radionuclides for radiopharmaceuticals while minimizing waste, substantially reducing production time and dramatically increasing output. MRTÔäó is used worldwide for the green production and chelation of metals. We have harnessed this industrial expertise to revolutionize industrial production of pure radioisotopes and chelating agents.”┬á

Background of IBC

IBC is an award-winning manufacturer and supplier of highly selective separations products, engineered systems and processes based on Molecular Recognition TechnologyÔäó (MRTÔäó.) Based on green chemistry and green engineering principles, IBC’s MRTÔäó products and associated processes are used worldwide in medical, mining, metals, manufacturing, environmental, analytical and laboratory applications.


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CONTACT: Steven R. Izatt, sizatt@ibcmrt.com, www.ibcmrt.com

IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.


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