Sichuan Baijiu Global Event 2023 Heads to Australia

PRNewswire September 16, 2023

SYDNEY, Sept. 16, 2023  /PRNewswire/ — On September 11, the Sichuan Baijiu Global Event 2023 themed “Sichuan Baijiu: Bridging Oceans and Sharing Exquisite Aromas” made its stop in Sydney’s World Square, unveiling its signature baijiu branding initiative. The baijiu showcase remained on display through September 14.

Sichuan Baijiu Global Event 2023 Heads to Australia (PRNewsfoto/Sichuan Baijiu Global Event)

Sichuan baijiu embarks on a new chapter in its global expansion journey with the drink’s entry into Australia

At Sydney’s World Square, Australian consumers were treated to a showcase of Sichuan’s most emblematic culture and fine liquor, immersing them in a genuine “Sichuan flavor” experience.

The exhibition area, designed in a contemporary Chinese style, showcased the elegance of baijiu. Highlighting iconic elements such as pandas, bamboo, and the liquor itself, the display not only celebrated the essence of Sichuan but also delved into baijiu’s storied history, competitive edge, and brand appeal, with a particular spotlight on the province’s top six producers of the beverage, often referred to in Chinese as the ‘six golden flowers’ of Sichuan liquor.

The booth layout stood out with its unique design, featuring a detailed map pinpointing Sichuan’s primary baijiu-producing regions. This was accentuated by a collection of baijiu-related displays and catchy brand slogans. Throughout the event, staff were on hand to provide in-depth explanations, effectively conveying Baijiu’s allure and the strength of its brand identity.

Visitors could sample baijiu-infused coffee drinks and cocktails from the uniquely designed Baijiu Bus positioned near the exhibit. Its distinct flavors and innovative mixology attracted many young enthusiasts. Inside the booth, a wall was designated for attendees to sign their names and share their thoughts. In addition, a dedicated table was set up at the booth’s entrance, where visitors could use a chop engraved with the ‘six golden flowers’ of Sichuan liquor logo, allowing attendees to stamp event brochures or cards and create a personalized keepsake by which to remember the event.

A variety of creative online baijiu giveaways garnered much enthusiasm. Baijiu-themed bookmarks, medals, stickers, and panda dolls emerged as popular photo props, with many sharing their prized collectibles on social media.

With its modern and vibrant branding, the major baijiu producers effectively demonstrated the drink’s dynamic appeal to a younger demographic. The event garnered attention from visitors and industry insiders alike, fostering interest from Australian partners and marking a significant milestone in baijiu’s global expansion.

Hamish Maguire, Managing Director and Chief Winemaker at South Australia’s Shottesbrooke Vineyards, noted that the event amplified the liquor’s global visibility and gave Australian wine enthusiasts a chance to explore and understand the ins and outs of the Chinese baijiu industry.

The relationship between China and Australia further strengthened by exchanges and mutual learning

Australia, a prominent representative of the new world wine regions with a robust alcohol consumption culture, welcomed the participation of Sichuan’s six leading baijiu producers at Fine Food Australia. Together, they showcased baijiu’s image and excellence.

Before the event, baijiu company executives toured Australia’s Arrowfield Estate, explored Sydney’s Experiment Farm Cottage, and visited major retail chains like Coles and Woolworths. They assessed baijiu’s market positioning relative to other spirits such as whiskey, sake, and vodka.

Through firsthand inspections and dialogues, mutual understanding grew between Australian industry counterparts and the Chinese baijiu sector. These interactions also deepened insight into the international market for the company executives, fostering ties and collaborations with global wineries and retail chains, and setting the stage for baijiu’s international expansion.

Sun Haiyan, executive vice president and chairman of the labor union at Luzhou Laojiao Group Co., Ltd., said the Sichuan Baijiu Global Event’s stop in Australia provides a venue through which the beverage can serve as a bridge to enhance Sino-Australian cultural exchanges, further strengthening the economic and cultural ties between the two nations.

At present, as China further expands its high-level openness to the global community and shares its opportunities, the hosting of the Sichuan Baijiu Global Event 2023 in Sydney, along with its branding campaign, embodies the baijiu industry’s robust capabilities and commitment to global outreach. In addition to sharing baijiu’s narrative and cultivating its brand persona, baijiu is also dedicated to amplifying China’s stories and perspectives. This aligns with China’s contemporary economic strategy, which emphasizes a balanced approach between harnessing its massive domestic market while continuing to engage and integrate with the global economy.

Embracing a dual strategy of global expansion and inbound collaboration, Sichuan baijiu is pioneering a new chapter in the international journey of the Chinese liquor industry.

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