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Peloton delivers Platform v2 with enhanced security, mobility, and speed, powering business solutions for the world’s energy enterprises

PRNewswire May 22, 2024

CALGARY, AB, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Peloton Computer Enterprises Ltd. — the global standard for energy data management is proud to announce the release of Platform v2. The Peloton Platform delivers a cohesive experience for traditionally siloed operations, hosting solutions encompassing Well Data Lifecycle, Production Data Lifecycle and Land Data Management. The Platform is designed to manage your assets by providing efficiencies for removing disparate processes and data redundancy. Peloton Platform maximizes security, leverages mobility, accelerates data input, and enables real-time, data driven decisions for energy clients. Learn how you can GET IT ALL, and get it today at https://www.peloton.com/get-it-all-lp.


  • Security: Peloton’s best in class security includes our 24/7 security team and SOC1/2 compliance embedded within the Peloton Platform. With superior security measures and dedicated platform monitoring, Peloton ensures data integrity and reliability, backed by global, redundant data centers to minimize the risk, and offer material cost savings compared to on-premises solutions.
  • Mobility: The Platform offers industry leading mobility, allowing customers to access and manage critical operational data anytime, anywhere. With intuitive mobile apps and fast, local data centers, Peloton empowers users with seamless accessibility and enhanced productivity.
  • Integration: The Peloton Platform provides data integration across all three solutions (Well Data Lifecycle, Production Data Lifecycle, and Land Data Management) creating a unified ecosystem for the data management of your assets. Plus, ETL/Web API processes empower organizations to seamlessly manage integrations to third party databases and applications. By centralizing these functions, Platform clients benefit from saving countless hours of manual data entry and significant costs associated with rework from relying on disparate or out of date information. The Platform delivers stakeholder data trust and peak data efficiency, ensuring better decision-making and resource optimization across organizational silos.
  • Faster Data Input: Peloton’s Well Data Lifecycle, Production Data Lifecycle and Land Data Management solutions on the Peloton Platform, revolutionize data input workflows by automating processes and reducing manual entry. With a suite of direct integrations, import tools, automated data synthesis from sensor and contextual data points, our solutions accelerate data entry and enhance accuracy, enabling users to focus on critical tasks without the burden of tedious data input.
  • Real-time: The Peloton Platform offers real-time data ingestion and visualization in cloud storage solutions, providing clients with instant access to critical data during and after operations. With ultra-low latency connections and standardized data delivery, Peloton empowers clients with actionable insights for efficient decision-making using current information.

“Organizational data silos and data redundancy breed frustration and erode trust in your operations. Too many organizations are still relying on disparate processes and custom solutions preventing a single source of truth and hampering their abilities to do more with less effort”, said Adil Walji, Peloton CTO.

About Peloton: Peloton is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the energy industry, offering solutions to optimize operations and enhance productivity. With a focus on security, mobility, integration, and real-time monitoring, Peloton powers energy clients to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. For more information, visit https://www.peloton.com/get-it-all-lp.

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Integrations of well, scheduling, completions, production, land, integrity and reliability to minimize duplication of effort and create your single source of truth. The Peloton Platform maximizes your data efficiency ensuring a cohesive experience for your entire organization. GET IT ALL, GET CONNECTED.


Lagging systems letting you down? Experience unprecedented speed on the Peloton Platform, even with remote connectivity. Streamlined loading, auditing and workflow processes, plus Intuitive Interfaces make data Ingestion quicker and more efficient than ever before. From land to asset Integrity, GET IT ALL, GET FASTER, and get It today!


Master mobility in your energy data management. Access, update and report operations data on the go, empowering your team all to collaborate with data driven, informed decisions anytime, anywhere. The Peloton Platform brings flexibility to your fingertips. From land acquisition to asset rellability, GET IT ALL and GET MOVING on the Peloton Platform.


Fortify your operations with first class security. Backed by a 24/7 security team, the Peloton Platform prioritizes your all protection, ensuring secure, reliable, and resilient data management. So you can sleep easy and securely. From land to asset reliability, on the Peloton Platform you can GET IT ALL, GET SECURE and get it today.


SOURCE Peloton Computer Enterprises Ltd.

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