GIGABYTE AI New Era: Humanity X Art X Technology Exhibition

PRNewswire May 31, 2024

Embrace the Future with Computing Power! GIGABYTE AI PCs Lead You to Explore New Frontiers

TAIPEI, May 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GIGABYTE is excited to present the “AI New Era” exhibition, showcasing how AI is transforming our world. This event explores AI-generated art, AI applications, and other immersive experiences that demonstrate the practical uses of AI PCs in everyday life.

Utilizing the robust and stable computing power of GIGABYTE AI PCs, a unique battle system is created by integrating the concept of arcade fighting games (PRNewsfoto/GIGABYTE)

Exhibition Themes

The “GIGABYTE AI New Era” exhibition features three thematic areas, each illustrating the diverse nature of AI:

  1. AI Art: This area showcases dynamic images and interactive art created by international artists. Notable contributors include the Dimension + new media art team led by Escher Tsai (Taiwan) and Keith Lam (Hong Kong), Ygor Marotta from the VJ Suave studio in São Paulo, Brazil, and emerging Taiwanese artist Tim Wei. Attendees will embark on a sensory journey as these artists share their inner worlds and the collaborative process of integrating GIGABYTE AI PCs into  their work.
  2. VS AI Street Battle: In collaboration with Hello World, this section challenges traditional art forms using the latest text-to-image AI applications. Utilizing GIGABYTE AI PCs’ powerful and stable computing capabilities, this area combines large-scale arcade fighting games with generative AI, creating a unique and creative battle system. 
  3. AI Applications Featuring RTX -AI PCs: This area explores how AI enhances everyday life across various fields, including gaming, digital art, content creation, image processing, and productivity. Guided by GIGABYTE AI PCs, consumers can experience limitless AI applications, seamlessly integrating AI into their daily routines. Emmy-nominated filmmaker Hugh Hou (US) will curate the AI Use Case zone, showcasing the latest AI technology and providing a professional workflow for creating immersive videos. Additionally, GIGABYTE will collaborate with NVIDIA to showcase a series of advanced AI applications featuring GeForce RTX graphics cards.

Invitation to All

GIGABYTE warmly welcomes technology enthusiasts and art connoisseurs to join this grand event and experience the revolution in technology and art brought by artificial intelligence. For more information about the event, please visit the official website: GIGABYTE AI 2024.

Join us in exploring the future of AI and its impact on our daily lives, and witness how GIGABYTE is leading the charge in integrating AI into the world of art and technology.


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