AAP FactCheck – Request a Correction

AAP FactCheck shares the same content corrections principles as our long-established parent organisation, AAP.

Inaccuracies or suspected inaccuracies that affect the integrity of stories published by AAP FactCheck will be dealt with promptly. An initial response can be expected within one business day of a problem coming to our attention. Where we acknowledge an inaccuracy, a correction will be urgently issued.

Challenges to accuracy or fairness in our articles will be referred to the AAP FactCheck Editor, who may consult the AAP Editor.

Corrections to AAP FactCheck articles will be published in the same locations as the original, accompanied by a footnote outlining the reason for the correction (to the extent possible without repeating or compounding the issue).

If a correction is not warranted, AAP FactCheck may choose to update an article, for example, to add new information or rephrase a sentence for improved clarity. Any such changes will be explained in a footnote.

AAP FactCheck is committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy, impartiality and fairness. If you believe we have failed to meet this standard at any time and would like to request a correction, provide feedback or make a complaint, contact us at factcheck@aap.com.au.

If you are not satisfied by AAP FactCheck’s response, there are further courses of action.

  1. You may contact AAP Standards, an independently-chaired committee that reviews complaints about AAP’s services ÔÇô including AAP FactCheck ÔÇô and the initial management of those complaints. Standards can be reached via email: standards@aap.com.au.
  2. AAP FactCheck is a signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network, and as such, is bound by the IFCN Code of Principles. If you believe AAP has breached the IFCN Code of Principles, you may submit a complaint here.